Trolling the Fash-Bashers

Trolling the Fash-Bashers, by Jim Goad.

For years I’ve been making the argument that leftism is little more than cowardly sadism thinly cloaked under a bullshit veneer of tolerance and compassion.

Fifteen years ago I was attacked three different times on Portland’s streets by a group of anti-racist skinheads who are documented police informants and are given carte blanche by the city’s powers-that-be to launch violent mob attacks on anyone they label a “Nazi.” …

Have you noticed that they hardly ever use the word “racist” anymore? Apparently, rampant overuse has caused that word to lose its sting. Now, all you have to do is say you agree with some of Donald Trump’s policies, and you’re either a “fascist,” a “white supremacist,” or, hell, flip all the cards and go straight to “Nazi.” This way, they can conveniently isolate “racism” solely among white people and ignore all the genocidal things nonwhites say about crackers. …

For years I’ve also said that the left is entirely incapable of rational debate. The main reason for this is that their fundamental premise — all groups are equal, except for whites, who are uniquely evil — is laughably juvenile and easily ripped to shreds within three minutes. And this is the main reason leftists take the “no-platforming” route — better not let any of these “Nazis” speak, or reasonably minded people would realize very quickly that the left’s premises are based on quicksand — nothing more than wishful thinking, pipe dreams, and a totalitarian thirst for power and control.

And this is why over the years they’ve become increasingly violent and intolerant of even allowing “Nazis” to breathe. Even a goofball, paper-tiger attention whore such as Milo Yiannopoulos — a gay Jew who just married a black guy and counter-signals against “Nazis” even more ferociously than he attacks the left — gets tagged as a “Nazi” and becomes the subject of psychotic “Punch a Nazi” video games.