Westerners are not the real, hateful racists

Westerners are not the real, hateful racists, by Karen Harradine.

The concept of racism has become all-pervading and is used to shut down debate and dissenting ideas. Racism is now inseparable from identity politics and is part of our narcissistic culture of grievance and discontent. In the 21st century, racism is a social engineering construct and is feared way beyond its real impact. Racism is the new accusation akin to witchcraft denunciations levied at women in medieval times. Everyone is afraid of being accused of it.

Accompanied by the spectres of of ‘hate speech’ and invented phobias such as transphobia and Islamophobia, the West’s obsession with racism is forcing us to self-censor our thoughts and speech, hastening the end of liberty in our burgeoning Orwellian world. …

We need to remember the correct definition of racism — discrimination and irrational hatred against someone because of the colour of their skin. Racism is not applicable to religion, nationality or gender. Yet those who condemn Islamist terrorism or voted for Brexit are accused of racism. It has become the go-to word when protesting against an election result, a government decree or being passed over for promotion. …

Very few Westerners are out and proud racists. Despite the constant bleatings of the George Soros-funded Black Lives Matter movement, the UK and the US are not racist dens of inequity. Both countries are light years ahead of other parts of the world because they have racial equality enshrined in law.

And if UK and US are such racist places, why are so many trying to migrate to both? When we let professional whingers moan about racism where it doesn’t exist, the more complicit we are in allowing real racism to flourish unheeded. This enforced focus on perceived racism in the West means most are blind to real racial injustices in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, such as Bangladeshi slave labour in Qatar, abused Indian maids in Dubai and the growing Islamist slave trade in the Maghreb where black Africans are sold like cattle.

hat-tip Stephen Neil