UK: Labour leader launches “Islamophobia awareness month” with “extremist” Muslim group

UK: Labour leader launches “Islamophobia awareness month” with “extremist” Muslim group, by Christine Douglass-Williams.

Another instance of tolerance for the intolerable, in which a Western leader teams up with a hardcore Islamic supremacist group to shove “Islamophobia” propaganda down the throats of non-Muslims. The anti-Israel, pro-PLO terrorist-honouring Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and a number of his MPs attended the launch of “Islamophobia awareness month” with the group Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND).

The Henry Jackson Society recently found, in a special report, that MEND “claims to help British Muslims engage in the democratic process, but its leaders are detailed as opposing democracy in favour of sharia, having legitimised the killing of British troops, and promoting conspiracy theories about Islamist terror.” …

One of the MPs who attended “Islamophobia awareness month” launch is Labour MP Naz Shah, who once retweeted a message telling the multitude of young British girls sexually violated by Muslim rape gangs to “shut up for the good of diversity.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil, Scott of the Pacific