Brexit is bust

Brexit is bust, by Peter Mullen.

Brexit is bust. Britain will not be offered a deal by the EU. The so called “transition period” will drag on forever. Of course, some form of words will eventually be produced to say that Brexit has been achieved; but the deal struck will be so diluted that our being out will be indistinguishable from our being in.

Last year’s Referendum vote panicked the political establishment in this country and throughout the EU bureaucracy, right up to Frauenführer Merkel herself. But the establishment has recovered from its shock and is about to defeat Brexit utterly. …

Eurocrats, Europhiles, EU subsidised “universities,” trades unions, big business and Whitehall big cheeses are joined in their efforts to keep us in the wretched EU. Left and Right have buried their — in any case largely pretend — differences and united in their determination to reverse the decision of our Referendum. This is total war.

Their motivation is derived from their ideology: to abolish European nation states and to establish a totalitarian bureaucracy with absolute political power, its leaders the unelected commissioners — commissars — unaccountable and irremovable. In other words, their aim is to set up something in the West resembling the former USSR in the east. In fact this project has already been pretty much achieved. …

The enormity of this catastrophe is evidenced by the fact that last year more people voted Leave than have ever voted for anything in Britain. The will of the people is being denied.

hat-tip Stephen Neil