Thoughts from the ammo line

Thoughts from the ammo line, by Ammo Grrrll.

A lunatic Muslim Uzbek, here on a “Diversity Visa” — which, I thought had to be a made up thing, but no, it’s real — has killed many people, wounded more. At least the name Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov is probably not going to ring through the ages. Let’s just call him So Full O’ Sh*t for short.

I’m sorry he wasn’t shot dead or run over like his fellow-terrorist “Speedbump” Tsarnaev of Boston Marathon fame. Sadly, U.S. taxpayers had to foot the bill to operate on So Fullo’s gutshot stomach, and will have to house him forever if the feds don’t succeed in cutting it short with capital punishment. He’s only 29. That’s a lot of coin. …

What do American Muslims think? The silence is deafening except for the tedious routine of handwringing about Islamophobic reprisals. Yeah, yeah, I know we don’t exact group punishment in America or demand group disavowal. Except for white people and gun owners, we don’t attribute to all members of a class or race the actions of the worst of them. ALL white people are racist in their DNA according to a certain half-white President whose white half was the one that raised him in privilege in Hawaii when he was abandoned by the black Muslim half.  …

But even more mystifying, why have the several million adherents of The Religion of Peace in America never, not even once, had a big public demonstration against terrorism? Could it be that they don’t actually disagree with it? Or that they are genuinely “phobic” about their maniacal Islamic co-religionists, living in fear of being beheaded, burned alive, crucified, drowned, thrown off rooftops for being gay, and such?

I remember at the height of the Iraq war, with American soldiers fighting to liberate Iraq from Saddam, I saw on TV a table with several cute little Muslim high school girls in their modest dress circulating a petition. I think it was in Michigan, but I wouldn’t swear to it. And I remember thinking, “Oh, isn’t that great? They are supporting the war effort.”

But, no. They were petitioning to “protect” the mosques in Iraq, asking their fellow Americans — soldiers only a few years older than they were — to be especially careful not to harm the damn mosques. To hell with the soldiers who had to fear enemy fire coming from within the precious mosques. And schools. And “baby milk plants.” They had no concern whatsoever for the soldiers, only for buildings. And I thought, “In what sense are they Americans?”

It is one thing to oppose the war for real, if misguided, differences of opinion. Americans can and did disagree. But it is quite another to worry only about places of worship – all rebuildable – rather than the safety of American troops. Can you imagine Christian teenage girls in World War II petitioning to ask their brothers and fathers and uncles and classmates to take extra risk to their lives and limbs in order not to harm churches? …

I want to see a giant demonstration of Muslims in Washington demanding an end to international terrorism. I want there to be contingents from Muslim Army veterans, contingents made up of allies from the synagogues and Christian churches just like that bumper sticker that says “Co-Existence.” I want to hear every speaker at the rally saying, “Terrorism is WRONG! Stop murdering in our name.” Period! No mealymouthed “justifications” (thank you, Kerry and Barry) like cartoons or grudges against Crusaders, the last batch pushing up daisies since 1291, give or take.

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