‘About 30 Men’ Regularly Gathered to Pray at Suspected NYC Terrorist’s House

‘About 30 Men’ Regularly Gathered to Pray at Suspected NYC Terrorist’s House, by John Hayward.

Sayfullo Saipov’s neighbors and acquaintances have been coming forward to paint a portrait of the suspected New York City terrorist.

One Tampa neighbor casually dropped a remarkable detail deep in a Washington Post story on Wednesday: a group of “about 30 men, young and old, gathered at Saipov’s house to pray” on “most weekends.”

No further information is provided about these men or whether they are persons of interest to law enforcement.

The neighbor, Kyong Eagan, spoke well of Saipov, describing him as a “very polite man” who gave her water, juice, and even home-cooked meals during the year he lived in her apartment complex.

She expressed astonishment that he committed a terrorist atrocity: “He never said anything hateful about the country. He’s a monster now.”

A virtue signaler following the book of his religion, convinced he has done the right thing. A book from seventh century Arabia, immutable in its teachings, with a meme to take over the world. This is why we have borders, so they can live in their countries and us in ours.