New York attack: killings ‘felt good’, says Saipov

New York attack: killings ‘felt good’, says Saipov, by AFP.

The Uzbek immigrant behind New York’s worst attack in 16 years has confessed to acting in the name of Islamic State and that he “felt good” about the killings, having planned an assault for a year. …

A true moderate.

UPDATE: NYC jihad murderer Saipov asks to display Islamic State flag in his hospital room, by Jamiles Lartey.

Saipov was interviewed by law enforcement officials while recovering from the gunshot wound in the hospital, where he asked to display the Isis flag in his room and told officials “he felt good about what he had done”, prosecutors said in the complaint.

Yet the NYPD assured us this was not about Islam:

How stupid do they think we are?

hat-tip Stephen Neil