Florida Man Has Fender Bender in Manhattan

Florida Man Has Fender Bender in Manhattan, by Ann Coulter.

A man in a Home Depot truck deliberately drove into a bike path in lower Manhattan on Tuesday, mowing down cyclists and pedestrians, crashed into a school bus, then fled the truck, brandishing fake guns and shouting “Allahu akbar!” He was shot by a policeman and taken to the hospital. At least eight people were left dead and many more injured.

Those are the facts, but facts don’t matter. In cases like this, what counts is the spin. The post-Islamic-attack commentary goes more like this …

So far, the only concrete information we have about the driver is that he was a lone attacker, he is from Florida, and he has recently been living in New Jersey.

In the bubble of your white-skinned privilege, I know you badly wanted this to be a dark-skinned person, a foreigner — the “other” — but you’re just going to have to accept the fact that the driver was a guy from Florida. Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov — just another homegrown terrorist.

Going forward, our most urgent task as a country is to figure out how to defeat Islamophobia. I plan to spend the rest of the week shaming Islamophobes on Twitter and Facebook.

For clarity, immediately after the incident, sources inside the New York Police Department debunked the “terrorism” narrative, saying that it was an incident of road rage between two truck drivers. At a press conference hours later, Police Commissioner James O’Neill refused to confirm whether the suspect had shouted “Allahu akbar” and declined to state the attacker’s name or nationality.

I don’t know why, since he’s from Florida. But the bigotry of Islamophobia doesn’t always pay attention to details.

Contrary to the toxic delusions of Faux News hosts, white men are a BIGGER domestic terrorist threat than Muslim foreigners. …

Although some of these assailants were born elsewhere, “extreme vetting” is not only racist, but most important, it doesn’t work. An intelligence assessment by the Department of Homeland Security in March of this year found that most foreign-born U.S. terrorists become “radicalized” only after living in America for a number of years. Traditional masculinity, whiteness and heteronormativity are the root causes of terrorism.

The term “politically correct” is only to describe what is not “correct”. The PC fantasies of our bureaucratic and media elites are politically correct, but obviously not fact.