An Age Of Reformation

An Age Of Reformation, by Rod Dreher.

Sometimes it seems to me that identity politics and the collapse of the political center are pushing us all towards a prison-gang mentality, in the sense that you may not want to join up with the gangsters of your own tribe (white, black, Latino), but you do to protect yourself from the attacks of the other tribes.

Do I want to align with the Trump Republicans? Most assuredly I do not. Yet rising militancy on the left — campuses being the vanguard — and the inability of liberal centrists to stand up to it, frightens white, male, heterosexual, religiously conservative me for the future.

I look at the Democratic Party and see a party that regards people like me as American kulaks, as the class enemy to be crushed for the sake of justice and the final defeat of “white supremacy.” Yes, I’m being deliberately hyperbolic here, but that’s their basic approach. They may couch it in all kinds of arguments designed to conceal what they’re doing, but they are only deceiving themselves; it is clear to the rest of us what’s going on. …

This is how we get the politics of the prison gang, and a society that reflects them. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself: where are the restraints that would keep left and right from moving toward the extremes?

Read Michael Brendan Dougherty’s unsettling National Review piece about slippery slopes …:

For conservatives who pay attention, the slippery slope isn’t a logical fallacy, but a way of life. In our gloomy predictions, we regularly understate how far society will begin kicking us down the slope once we start sliding. It would’ve been unthinkable for even the most pessimistic anti-divorce activist of half a century ago to predict that the majority of American children would be born illegitimately within a few decades. Anti-euthanasia activists never dared suggest that the Dutch would be so depraved as to begin drugging children into their graves merely because they reported depression. When Vermont was considering legislation providing for civil unions for same-sex couples, not even the sweatiest, most paranoid snake-handler imagined that florists would be financially ruined by the government for refusing to serve customers whose nuptials violated their religious scruples. Yet here we are.

My Law of Merited Impossibility — “It will never happen, and when it does, you bigots will deserve it” — defines the slippery-slope process as a rhetorical scam by the left. At some point, you realize that you’re being had. There is no excuse now for conservatives to believe that the process will stop of its own accord, on the assumption that the left wants to be fair and balanced. Because the center has not held, the extremes won’t be held back.

It’s gradually going tribal, because of the championing of identity politics by the left. Tribalism trumps all else. Not good.

hat-tip Stephen Neil