Kevin Spacey is innocent

Kevin Spacey is innocent, by Brendan O’Neill. See earlier story here.

Why does everyone believe Kevin Spacey’s accuser rather than Kevin Spacey himself? In a civilised society, it would be the other way round.

In a civilised society we would doubt the accuser and maintain the innocence of the accused. But increasingly we do not live in a civilised society. As demonstrated by the hysteria of the Harvey Weinstein scandal and the increasingly strange and narcissistic #metoo contagion, we live in a society where accusation is now proof. Where accusation alone can colour someone’s reputation beyond repair. I fear we haven’t yet registered how worrying, and terrifying, this state of affairs is. …

Spacey says he doesn’t remember the assault. ‘I honestly do not remember the encounter’, he said in a statement, before going on to say that if it did happen, then he’s sorry. (Who’s advising these people? Do not apologise for something you do not remember doing.) Spacey, in his own lame way, is calling into question the veracity of Rapp’s accusation.

We should all be skeptical of the accusation:

The alleged incident took place 31 years ago. Thatcher and Reagan were in power. … It is entirely feasible — likely, in fact — that Mr Rapp misremembers what happened that long ago. We all have foggy memories of decades-old events. …

Mr Rapp has made his accusation as part of the #metoo phenomenon … As part of #metoo, individuals can fast-track themselves to a position of moral and cultural authority through claiming to have been victims of celebrity abuse. Can we agree that this attractive prospect, this promise of cultural cachet, might — only might — have influenced both Mr Rapp’s recollection of what happened and his decision to accuse now? …

[Spacey] is doing something he didn’t want to do — speak publicly about his sexuality — under the pressure of a baying media mob howling ‘paedo’ and ‘me too!’ at him. He is a man in profound turmoil because an accusation that can never be proven but will linger and fester forever has been issued against him. If you’re more shocked by Spacey’s sad, defensive statement than you are by the fact we live in a society where people can be crushed by accusation alone, then your moral compass is in urgent need of repair.

‘I believe’ has become the ultimate virtue-signal. But it is utterly lacking in virtue to say this.