How Churches Die

How Churches Die, by Steven Hayward.

There’s a saying attributed variously to Robert Conquest or John O’Sullivan that “any institution that is not explicitly right-wing will become left-wing over time.” A good case in point is the Episcopal Church, which was once known as “the Republican Party at prayer,” but which has for the last several decades fallen in line behind every politically correct enthusiasm of the left.

PC and Christianity do not mix well. It’s hard to be both.

Domestic abuse shelters for men help spotlight male victims

Domestic abuse shelters for men help spotlight male victims, by Jamie Stengle.

A Texas group has opened what’s believed to be only the second shelter in the U.S. exclusively for men who are victims of domestic violence, as advocates say more men are seeking help amid changing views about male victims. …

The number of male victims calling the National Domestic Abuse Hotline and its youth-focused project — loveisrespect — has been growing. Last year, about 12,000 male victims called — about 9 percent of victims who identified their gender. That’s about double the about 5,800 male victim callers from 2010, said hotline spokeswoman Cameka Crawford.

“We believe that there are likely many more men who may not report or seek help for a number of reasons,” she said.

Flink said her organization has sheltered men abused by male partners, female partners or relatives. Some men bring their children. …

Hines said some men don’t even realize they’re being abused until they read pamphlets — mostly geared toward women — listing abuse signs. “If you are the man, that’s a very difficult process to figure out,” she said. …

In the U.S., about 31 percent of men and 37 percent of women have experienced sexual violence, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

See also Rate of Domestic Violence Highest in Lesbian Relationships and Domestic violence: data shows women are not the only victims.

I established a terror movement in Australia, and I quit

I established a terror movement in Australia, and I quit, by Corrine Barraclough. Shayne Hunter established the far-left and violent Antifa movement in Australia. After four years the Brisbane man quit. Here’s why, in his own words.

ANTIFA is a growing extreme group who believe violence is legitimate.

I got radicalised in Sydney. I was originally concerned about Western intervention in Syria. Radical left wing people dominated rallies and I started to associate with them more. My so-called ‘normal’ friends drifted away. …

I came to believe that war was a symptom of bigger systems at play in society and they were the real enemy, like white supremacy and patriarchy. Antifa believe these systems need to be smashed through a process of ‘de-platforming’ to save the world. People who don’t necessarily agree on everything are united to attack their common enemy — anyone in the right wing of politics.

This micro-society became my life for four years.

They believe historically their roots were fighting Nazi oppression. They run a website which is updated every couple of weeks with a hit list of right wing names. They believe if these people are allowed to speak, society will suffer. So, they must be pushed back.

There is no mission statement, rather, it’s a dangerous rhetoric. There are a lot of very damaged people who are drawn to it. …

I read that Antifa in the US is training people to shoot and punch. It’s the same here. Antifa in Sydney are doing martial arts to, as they would put it, ‘fight the Nazis’. It’s a paramilitary mindset. …

I was ideologically possessed for four years. I would speak louder on public transport so people could hear me speak, hoping they would hear my message. …

The radical left of Antifa presents itself as being about compassion and empathy; it’s a Trojan horse. All conversations are about entitlement and rights, not responsibility. When these people talk about freedom, they really mean freedom from responsibility. …

You don’t know humiliation until you’ve left a cult; I wasted four years of my life.

I cut ties over time. I’m still in contact with some ex-cult members but I don’t see anyone who’s still active.

In my 20-something generation, social media plays the role of a 24/7 preacher — like a pocket preacher. Each day you’re being validated by the echo chamber on your phone.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific

Anti-Togetherness: The Virtues of Disunity

Anti-Togetherness: The Virtues of Disunity, by Fred Reed.

A Truth Not Welcome: People do not like being with those different from themselves. Sometimes, briefly, we find it interesting, as in traveling, but for extended periods, no. This distaste pervades society, often unnoticed, with consequences.

Instances of untogetherness:

People cluster by intelligence. With high consistency, we choose mates of intelligence close to our own. Likewise with friends: If you have an IQ of 100, or 150, you are unlikely to have friends of 150, or 100. Bright people join Mensa not from snobbery but because they want to be around people like themselves. On the internet this takes the form of distributed cognitive stratification in which people from around the globe congregate by intelligence.

A woman I knew while living in the Heart of Darkness once said, “In Washington, you assume that everyone is in the ninety-ninth percentile.” She herself was, and her friends were chemists, high-end journalists, authors, and so on. She meant her remark as shorthand for a common sort of clustering.

People associate by age. We rarely have close friends who differ from us by more than ten years. People of fifty shrink in horror at the thought of being trapped in a bar full of screaming twenty-year-olds–and vice versa. Teenagers suffer their parents because they have to, and escape at every opportunity–to the relief of the parents. It isn’t dislike, just a lack of much in common.

Men and women would rather not be with each other too much. In social and domestic settings, yes. Men would prefer to work with other men had they the choice. Men do not want to go fishing with women, or drink beer and argue politics, and when it comes to talking about their feelings, most men would rather die. Women presumably prefer their own. …

If a group of men are sitting around shooting the breeze and a woman shows up, the conversational dynamics change. The men will speak differently, talk of different things, be wary. Yet heaven help them if they say that sometimes they don’t want female company.

In the military the consequences of forced togetherness are grave, and not just in that women can’t do many of the things required of soldiers. Thirteen men in a squad will work easily together to get a job done. Add a woman and all the men will compete for her sexual favors, even if she isn’t using them, which is possible. …

We prefer to spend time with people of our own level of education. If you have a doctorate, you probably have no friends who are graduates only of high school–and vice versa. The same goes for white-collar and blue-collar people. Few bus drivers socialize with lawyers.

We prefer to be with our own race. Look at what people do, not what they say. Blacks do not find the company of white people compelling, and the most liberal of whites spend ninety-five percent of discretionary time with other whites. If whites do spend time with blacks, those will be of their own age, educational level, accent and, except in couples, sex. They will probably feel self-conscious anyway.

The cultures of blacks and whites differ starkly and any association occurs only to the extent that the blacks simulate the culture of whites. Distance is proportional to difference. Whites and Asians socialize more easily than blacks and whites because they have more in common. …

Ease of association is inversely proportional to difference, and difference is a sort of vector sum of many things: social and economic status, skin color, native fluency in English, sex and sexual orientation, and so on.

Another truth avoided by the PC crew and their PC fantasies. Their fantasies guide them as they make rules for society, and we get to pay the price for their denial.

Our current policy of compulsory amalgamation is fueled both by resentment and ideology. Women and blacks think they endure discrimination by men and whites and so insist on inclusion they really do not much want. The result is lawsuits, and sometimes far worse. Cities burn because we insist on employing white policemen in black regions.

Much of today’s anger would diminish if we allowed people to live in neighborhoods of their own kind, and study in schools of their own kind, and be policed by their own kind, and to establish clubs as they like. We could call this something like, oh, say, “freedom.”

‘Muhammad’ is the Future of Europe

‘Muhammad’ is the Future of Europe, by Guilio Meotti.

During the next thirty years, the population of Africa is expected to increase by one billion.

The French economist Charles Gave recently predicted that France will have a Muslim majority by 2057 — and this estimate did not even take into consideration the number of expected new migrants.

No doubt, Africa’s exploding population will try to reach the shores of a wealthy, senile Europe, which is already undergoing an internal demographic revolution. Europe, to retain its culture, will need to make hard-headed decisions, not just amuse itself to death. The question is: Will Europe protect its borders and civilization before it is submerged? …

The PC crew won’t talk about this issue because they have no ideas about what to do:

In Africa today, there are four times more births than deaths. According to figures for 2017, the total fertility rate is 4.5 children per woman, against 1.6 in Europe.

Population 1950-2010 Africa, ME, Europe

In 30 years, due to the demographic collapse, Europe will lose 30 million people and, by the end of the century, almost 100 million. “Birth control” has worked most effectively in Europe, which demographically did not need it, and worst in Africa, which did. …

Among countries with population growth, France is expected to grow from 64 to 74 million, and the UK from 66 to 80 million. Sweden is projected to grow from 9 million to 13 million, and Norway from 5 million to 8 million. Belgium’s population of 11 million is expected to increase by 2 million. These five European countries are also among those with the highest proportion of Muslims.

People are sitting there with normalcy bias, just trying to carry on with their lives as ordinary (white) British, French, German people. They’re oblivious to what’s been set in motion. They’re not doing the maths.

Trump’s EPA Chief Charts a New Course: An Interview With Scott Pruitt

Trump’s EPA Chief Charts a New Course: An Interview With Scott Pruitt, by Rob Bluey. During the course of a longish interview Pruitt says:

Now, on this issue with respect to climate change, it’s not a question about whether climate change occurs. It does. It’s not a matter of whether man contributes to it. We do. The question is how much do we contribute to it and how do we measure that with precision? It’s a little bit more difficult questions like when we have individuals telling us in 2017 that they know what the ideal global average surface temperature should be in the year 2100, I think there should be a debate around that. I think there ought to be discussion around that very issue.

There are some, perhaps in this very room that believe that it poses an existential threat. If it poses an existential threat, I want to know. If it’s more important than ISIS and North Korea, I think we better know about it. So let’s have a real, meaningful discussion about it.

The American people deserve, in my view, an objective, transparent, honest discussion about what we know and what we don’t know, with respect to CO2. It’s never taken place. That’s the reason I’ve been proposing a red team, blue team exercise where we bring red team scientists in and blue team scientists in and they would engage in a multi-month process asking of each other these very difficult questions to help inform the American public on these issues to help build consensus toward this very important issue.

Can you imagine Greg Hunt or Malcolm Turnbull saying anything like what Scott Pruitt says below? Just joking.

hat-tip Chris

This artificial intelligence may start tracking you soon

This artificial intelligence may start tracking you soon, by Lauren Tousignant.

For the last year, the people of Hangzhou, China – a city of more than nine million – have had every moment of their lives tracked.

“City Brain,” an artificial intelligence system that interlinks with a city’s infrastructure was installed in October 2016, through a partnership with Alibaba and Foxconn.

In an effort to optimize Hangzhou and make urban life easier, the system tracked everything from robberies to traffic jams and learned the city’s unique patterns and needs.

Residents were also tracked through their activity on social media. Their commutes, purchases, interactions and movements were all learned and absorbed by the AI database. …

Crime, car crashes and rush hour traffic is all down. The system can predict traffic jams and adjust the traffic lights in order to avoid congestion before it begins. It can also keep track of criminals, making it easier for police to catch them. And it automatically notifies authorities when it detects so much as an illegally parked car.

The system is also hooked up to residents’ cell phones and can alert them of bad weather or traffic jams and offer safer routes.

Privacy is going to go the way of the dodo.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Tinseltown Travelogue: Meet the deplorables, Part Three

Tinseltown Travelogue: Meet the deplorables, Part Three, by Patrick Courrielche. Part one was reviewed here, part two here.

After two generations of being pummeled by La La Land, the newly constituted right is punching back with a force that has Tinseltown scrambling. Up to 2002, the right took the hits from Hollywood, but continued to open their wallets. …

That’s when the western media really turned up the volume of PC, about 2004.

In the early years of the new millennium, Hollywood entered a more vitriolic stage of bashing the right. And combined with its shift to a global box office which had just began eclipsing the domestic for the first time – Tinseltown started paying even less attention, and respect, to the other half of the country.

In an apparent response, U.S. moviegoers began shunning Movie City with its pocketbooks – with the Right turning away at a much higher clip. …

The right strikes back:

But where the old right was content with closing their wallets to Hollywood, the new right thinks stopping there is the stuff of cucks. This politically incorrect movement has galvanized in a way that was unheard of just a few years ago. Instead of the Kum Ba Yah rallies of yesterday’s Tea Party, this new right prefers a more active approach. They bombard film reviews with negative grades, inundate show sponsors with calls to drop their advertising, and hit the most hate-filled celebrities with a flurry of boycott campaigns usually only seen coming from the left.

No longer afraid to be called racists, sexists, homophobes, Islamophobes, or xenophobes – because they know they’ll be branded these no matter what – the new right is going directly after their perceived enemy, rejecting traditional content, creating their own entertainment, and organizing on a scale that should make Hollywood take pause in their daily putdowns. Social norms are no longer barriers, and some are even willing to flout the law…all to even the playing field. …

There follows a long and interesting story about Shia LaBeouf’s anti-Trump protest, “Shia LaBeouf Kicks Off 4-Year Anti-Trump Live Stream”. The live stream was of a flag “He will not divide us”. Three times the trolls from 4chan located the flag and took it down (New York, New Mexico, Liverpool UK), and Shia eventually gave up.

Movies now bomb when associated with anti-Trump bigotry:

When Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlett Johansson became a major box office flop, Hollywood postmortems pointed to a litany of reasons for the failure, except for the obvious – leading up to its release, the actress had been on an extended anti-Trump tirade, punctuated by an attack on the President’s daughter Ivanka. Her box office bomb Rough Night only underscored the problem – the unwashed half of America doesn’t approve of her brand of activism.

When Joy clocked in with lackluster numbers, and Passengers was a box office dud, some thought Jennifer Lawrence was just having a bad streak. But those of us on the right know her anti-Christian, anti-Trump bigotry has taken its toll on her mainstream box office appeal. And her latest bomb – mother! – appears to have sent the same message to the actress herself. She recently announced a two-year acting hiatus. …

Show business analysts have long been charting the demise of the movie star. Politically mouthy actors like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Johnny Depp, and Jennifer Lawrence no longer provide insurance against a flop – as the growing list of their bombs reveals. This summer, the comedy sector nosedived like CNN’s credibility with four box office underperformers in a row. Can anyone guess why? Three of the four – Snatched, The House, and Rough Night – were all headlined by vehemently anti-Trump actors. Fifteen years ago, when Hollywood celebs pissed on half of America, there were no real repercussions. Now, the right returns the favor – it projectile vomits all over Tinseltown’s bottom line. …

Technology is cutting Hollywood down, opening up other options:

And technology has also created another incredibly disruptive line of attack on Tinseltown.

“That’s the Kodi box,” a Trump supporter recently told me when I asked what that AppleTV-looking hardware was at the side of the television. The device allows users to watch pretty much any film or TV show that has been offered digitally to the public…for free. The remarkable interface rivals Netflix. And along with Popcorn Time, an insanely popular app that allows you to stream content for free on Android enabled devices, some on the right are punching back at Hollywood through what’s being dubbed “purposeful piracy” to affect Tinseltown’s wallet.

Most of Hollywood is completely oblivious to these developments. Not a single person I’ve spoken to in show biz was aware of either the Kodi box or Popcorn Time. …

The boot is on the other foot — apologies are even being demanded from the PC crew!

In a September 2015 interview promoting her new movie Sicario, Emily Blunt quipped, “I became an American citizen recently, and that night, we watched the Republican debate and I thought, ‘This was a terrible mistake. What have I done?’” Breitbart News mined that quote from deep within the interview and made it the centerpiece of a story the same day. Within 72 hours, the newly christened U.S. citizen found herself on NBC’s liberal Today Show apologizing for disparaging America. If you’re going to backpedal that quickly, why go there? …

What now?

But even with the numbers painting a potentially dark future for the domestic box office and data showing a majority of Republicans have avoided movies based on a star’s politics, the industry hasn’t tried to moderate its loudest voices of hate. ..

If Tinseltown were smart, it would invoke the STFU protocol. Hollywood’s monopoly on entertainment is gone. There are other options. The industry needs to act accordingly. …

This type of blind discrimination in Hollywood must stop, or political violence will intensify nationally — and that’s not hyperbole. The city’s hometown bigotry comes out in its products — and radicalizes the divide. Tinseltown has thumbed its nose at conservatives for decades through its movies, sitcoms, talk shows, award shows, media, and public quips. It labels Trump Hitler, making all of his supporters by extension Nazis. And we all know how in vogue it’s become to punch a Nazi. Filmville reentered the silent era when Trump supporters were literally getting chased down, punched and bloodied during the presidential campaign. …

Besides signaling discrimination is justified, Tinseltown’s bigotry also sends another message to the public…it conveys that the industry is willing to flush its business model down the drain to maintain its ideological purity. Entertainment investors should take notice.

An enormous genre, with mainstream appeal, is being overlooked every year because the Hollywood establishment inhabits a liberal echo chamber with no access or knowledge of what makes the other half of the country tick.

There is ample evidence that anything of quality that appeals to the right, and is promoted through conservative media, ends up being a massive win. The success of Passion of the Christ was staggering. …  Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper broke box office records for an R-rated film.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific, Charles

UK University ‘Acted Lawfully’ by Expelling Christian Student for ‘Biblical Marriage’ Facebook Comments

UK University ‘Acted Lawfully’ by Expelling Christian Student for ‘Biblical Marriage’ Facebook Comments, by Victoria Friedman.

In 2015, [devout Christian Felix Ngole] posted comments on a social media thread related to Kim Davis, the Christian Kentucky state official who refused to register same-sex marriages, arguing that Davis’s position was based on the “Biblical view of same-sex marriage as a sin”, adding: “Same-sex marriage is a sin whether we like it or not. It is God’s words and man’s sentiments would not change His words.”

Two months later, he received an email from university administrators advising him that his comments were being investigated. He was later interviewed by the university’s investigatory team and was removed from his course by a panel who deemed his comments, “derogatory of gay men and bisexuals”. …

He went to court to overturn his expulsion:

Arguing in court that his rights to freedom of speech had been breached and that he was merely expressing common Christian biblical views, lawyers representing the university said he had shown “no insight” and that Sheffield University had to consider his “fitness to practice” in social work.

The court heard that the university “investigatory team accepted that Felix was fully entitled to his religious beliefs, and had acted with honesty and integrity”. They said that it was not Felix’s views that were at issue, but his public posting of these views which could cause “damage” as they “may have caused offence to some individuals”.

On Friday, Judge Rowena Collins Rice ruled against Mr. Ngole, saying that the university was acting lawfully when it expelled him, reports The Star.

Really the crime was being non-PC in public. PC people offend normal people all the time, as a way of life, but are not expelled from universities or slapped down in courts for doing so.

We all know who the real bigots are.

hat-tip Charles

The World’s IQ = 89

The World’s IQ = 89, by James Thompson.

Few subjects arouse as much ire as national IQs. Questions are asked about the cultural appropriateness of the tests, whether they have sufficient scope to assess the different talents of racial and cultural groups, the representativeness and size of the samples, and even whether those results are reported correctly.

National scholastic achievements, on the other hand, are greeted with widespread publicity, discussed anxiously in government and educational circles, and sometimes rather naively accepted as an unerring measure of a nation’s educational system. …

David Becker recently took over the database of IQ studies from around the world:

In the last six months, I have been able to increase the number of sources used from 253 to 357 and the number of nations from 92 to 123, and also to make many improvements in the methods. At present, the database contains samples to a total of 550,492 individuals. …

The population-weighted cross-national mean IQ-score is 89.03, with SD of 12.89, for 123 nations. …

In the spirit of open science, here is Becker’s work in progress for you to look through. Here is the entire spreadsheet

Go to the “Favorites” tab to see the countries and their sampled IQs. Australia 98.5, US 96.5, Japan 107.7, China 106.3, UK 98.4, Germany 102.2, Indonesia 80.9, Saudi Arabia 79.4, South Africa 68.9, Russia 95.3, Nigeria 70.6, Ghana 61.9, Brazil 84.1, Syria 77.1,  and so on. Reckon it might make a difference?

This is very non-PC because it contradicts the “blank state” assertion that lefties base so much of their ideology on.

Roger Stone Says He Will Sue Twitter Over Account Suspension

Roger Stone Says He Will Sue Twitter Over Account Suspension, by Jon Levine.

Longtime Trump associate Roger Stone Jr. said he will sue Twitter in response to the company banning him from the platform.

“I have retained one of the best telecommunications lawyers in the country and will be bringing a legal action against Twitter over the suspension of my account,” he told TheWrap. “The battle for free speech has just begun.’ …

“I have been inundated on Twitter with bloggers threatening to kill me, my wife my kids and even my dogs yet Twitter seems unconcerned about that,” he said “This is just part and parcel of the tech lefts effort to silence conservative voices.” …

Stone, always a provocative presence on the platform was finally kicked off for good Saturday after launching a series of profanity-laced tweets towards CNN anchor Don Lemon and other network personalities.

Freedom of speech for the PC crew, only.

The Fading Scent Of The American Dream

The Fading Scent Of The American Dream, by Charles Hugh Smith.

If you talk to young people struggling to make ends meet and raise children, or read articles about retirees who can’t afford to retire, you can’t help but detect the fading scent of prosperity.

It has steadily been lost to stagnation, under-reported inflation and soaring inequality, a substitution of illusion for reality bolstered by the systemic corruption of authentic measures of prosperity and well-being.

In other words, the American-Dream idea that life should get easier and more prosperous as the natural course of progress is still embedded in our collective memory, even though the collective reality has changed.

For the bottom 95%, life is typically getting harder and less prosperous as the cost of living rises, wages are stagnant and the demands on workers increase.

Meanwhile, the asset bubbles inflated by central banks have enriched the top 10% of households, which own over 75% of all assets and take home over 50% of all household income.

The vast majority of household wealth is held by the top few households: the top .1% own roughly 25% of all US household wealth, the top 1% around 40%, and so on. So the households between 80% and and 95% own a very modest percentage of what the top 96%-99% own.

Much the same applies in Australia, though not quite as intensely. When the housing bubble breaks on the Australian East Coast, this issue will come under much closer scrutiny.

First cut is the deepest but reversal also traumatic for trans community

First cut is the deepest but reversal also traumatic for trans community, by Janet Albrechtsen.

The transgender cause is pitched as the civil rights movement of the 21st century. It is no such thing. No legitimate civil rights movement would emasculate the rights of women or show scant regard for the welfare of children or disregard the wellbeing of the most vulnerable, people suffering con­fusion and underlying traumas. …

The case of James Caspian illustrates the evil of PC in this area:

Caspian, a registered psychotherapist, has worked for a decade with hundreds of transgender and transsexual patients and sup­ported many through gender transition. In 2014 he enrolled at Bath Spa University to undertake research into what he was hearing from within his profession: more and more people seeking surgery to reverse their gender-reassignment surgery.

It’s true that this is not for the faint-hearted. When men undergo gender-reassignment surgery, their penis and testicles are ­removed and a vagina is medically constructed. Reversing this surgery is equally awful.

The university ethics committee rejected Caspian’s application in November last year. The committee’s report stated the research was “politically incorrect” and “the posting of unpleasant material on blogs or social media may be detrimental to the reputation of the university”. The ethics committee advised him to do a “less ethically complex piece of research”. …

“I found that, particularly in the US, there are increasing numbers of very young women who decided they were trans, had taken testosterone, some had breasts removed and then ­realised, typically in their early 20s if not before, that it was a mistake. This is a hugely under-researched field,” he says.

People who had reversed their gender-reassignment surgeries con­tacted Caspian but were too traumatised to speak publicly about it. Caspian recalls being contacted by a spokeswoman for a group of women who said “quite a lot of us have taken testosterone, had breasts removed and have gone back to living as women. But we don’t all reverse our surgery, which would mean breast ­implants. So we just live with the scars.”

Wow. Imagine if the media decided to run sympathetic stories on these people. Things would change fast due to the public outcry. But because it questions an important and active identity group on the left, just silence. Political correctness triumphs over correctness.

Caspian told Inquirer “already some women are noticing men going into women’s change rooms, claiming they are women when there is nothing ­female about them. Women end up getting changed in a broom cupboard. The Gender Recognition Act cements this stuff.”

De-platforming — they cannot change reality, but they can suppress talk about it:

Last month, when some women organised to meet at a London community centre to discuss these changes, a small group of angry trans activists found out and told the venue they would disrupt the meeting. The community centre cancelled the event. Women then gathered at Hyde Park’s Speakers Corner to agree a new venue. Janice Turner, a journalist at The Times, was there. She wrote that the activists “rang every conceivable venue within a mile radius to promise mayhem”.

Turner saw Maria, a 60-year-old woman “in specs and sensible shoes” who was taking photographs, get smacked in the face by a trans activist after another activist smashed her camera. As police arrived, Turner asked a young activist if she was OK with men smacking women. “It’s not a guy, you’re a piece of shit, and I’m happy they hit her” was her reply.

It’s ideological, and the toll of victims is mounting:

Caspian says it’s a one-size-fits-all affirmation ideology, a case of: “Great, you’re trans, let’s get you on the pathway and if your parents object, then they are transphobic. And anyone who has any concerns is transphobic.”

In the US, research is being done into something called rapid-onset gender dysphoria. Caspian says rapid onset involves “somebody who has not displayed the more typical long pattern of feeling they are the other gender. Suddenly, and often after intensive internet exposure, they develop gender dysphoria; dysphoria meaning unhappiness. They are invariably young, minors, under 18s and young adults.”

Doctors tell us that patients of gender clinics are six times likelier to be on the autistic spectrum and vulnerable to being drawn into a social movement where trans is considered a place where they can belong. Increasingly it’s girls who hate themselves for being female, hating their bodies. Many of them have been raped and sexually ­abused and gender transition is a means to escape from the conflict they feel being female. This trauma is not the same as someone who, from a very young age, feels they are essentially male.

hat-tip Barry Corke

The Pilbara Goldrush

The Pilbara Goldrush, by Paul Garvey.

Mr Attard runs Pilbara Prospecting Supplies in Karratha and for the past few months has been doing a roaring trade in metal detectors as would-be gold hunters try to make the most of the astounding gold nugget frenzy now gripping the region.

There have been far bigger resources booms in the Pilbara than the current gold rush but none has inspired the sort of prospecting fever spreading through the residents of Karratha and Port Hedland.

Mr Attard has been selling at least a couple of his top-of-the-range $10,000 metal detectors each week since Canadian company Novo Resources captured the market’s attention with its claim that it has discovered a nuggetty gold system analogous to South Africa’s world-beating Witwatersrand gold basin sitting at the surface and right on the doorstep of the Pilbara’s two biggest towns.

Despite deep and widespread scepticism about the technical merits of Novo’s find, enchanted investors have pushed Novo’s shares from 80c in July to as high as $8.55 and its market cap has gone past $2.4bn.

Over a dozen Australian-listed juniors have capitalised on the rush, staking ground, dusting off old projects and using the excitement to raise precious new capital. They’ve also attracted some prominent backers, with none other than Sheikh Maktoum Hasher al Maktoum — a member of Dubai’s super-rich ruling family — this week joining the board of Artemis Resources, Novo’s joint venture partner. It’s not just listed companies making the most of the excitement. …

Mr Attard’s shop is enjoying its best trading conditions since the height of the boom. The hardest part has been keeping up with demand — he ran out of stock last week.

“Everyone thinks there’re nuggets out there like jelly beans, that you just go out there with a metal detector, start swinging and pick them up,” Mr Attard told The Weekend Australian.

“It’s not that simple and we tell people that, but everyone makes up their own mind, gets the cash and come and buy detectors anyway.” …

And that’s not all: Mr Attard, a veteran prospector himself, has already been approached with an offer of more than $1 million for some of the ground he pegged in the area a while back. …

Unlike most modern-day gold discoveries, which involve large-scale, deep mineralised systems in which the gold is disseminated through broad sections of rock invisible to the untried eye, the Novo-inspired Pilbara gold rush involves nuggets sitting just below the surface.

Typical disseminated gold deposits can be found only through costly multi-million-dollar drilling programs and can only be processed through large-scale and expensive processing plants, but the companies and prospectors rushing around the Pilbara gold rush are picking gold out of the ground armed with little more than metal detectors, jackhammers and shovels.

It makes this perhaps the most egalitarian and imagination-grabbing gold rush since those in the Victorian and Kalgoorlie gold fields back in the 19th century.