The World’s IQ = 89

The World’s IQ = 89, by James Thompson.

Few subjects arouse as much ire as national IQs. Questions are asked about the cultural appropriateness of the tests, whether they have sufficient scope to assess the different talents of racial and cultural groups, the representativeness and size of the samples, and even whether those results are reported correctly.

National scholastic achievements, on the other hand, are greeted with widespread publicity, discussed anxiously in government and educational circles, and sometimes rather naively accepted as an unerring measure of a nation’s educational system. …

David Becker recently took over the database of IQ studies from around the world:

In the last six months, I have been able to increase the number of sources used from 253 to 357 and the number of nations from 92 to 123, and also to make many improvements in the methods. At present, the database contains samples to a total of 550,492 individuals. …

The population-weighted cross-national mean IQ-score is 89.03, with SD of 12.89, for 123 nations. …

In the spirit of open science, here is Becker’s work in progress for you to look through. Here is the entire spreadsheet

Go to the “Favorites” tab to see the countries and their sampled IQs. Australia 98.5, US 96.5, Japan 107.7, China 106.3, UK 98.4, Germany 102.2, Indonesia 80.9, Saudi Arabia 79.4, South Africa 68.9, Russia 95.3, Nigeria 70.6, Ghana 61.9, Brazil 84.1, Syria 77.1,  and so on. Reckon it might make a difference?

This is very non-PC because it contradicts the “blank state” assertion that lefties base so much of their ideology on.