Tinseltown Travelogue: A deplorable’s adventures in la la land, Part Two

Tinseltown Travelogue: A deplorable’s adventures in la la land, Part Two, by Patrick Courrielche. Part one was reviewed here.

Conservatives once roamed free in Tinseltown…back in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Studio head Louis B. Mayer was an outspoken Republican. John Wayne, Walt Disney, and Gary Cooper sat right-of-center…as did Ginger Rogers, Clark Gable, and Cecil B. DeMille. The Right played a prominent role in those early days.

But now this company town is run almost entirely by liberals, and has been for over half a century. How were they able to make it a one-party city? “It’s the social part. It’s the personal,” said an industry veteran. “It’s psychological warfare.” In other words, leftists attacked social circles to freeze out conservatives.

Same happens in Canberra.

Out of the 240 available nominees for lead and supporting actors in a scripted role at Hollywood’s top award shows, there wasn’t a single verifiably right-of-center actor. Not one.

When blacks claimed a lack of diversity approaching this level of disparity for just one award show, a national debate branded #OscarsSoWhite swept the nation. …

Conservatives are blacklisted:

This ploy keeping Hollywood a liberal bastion is subtle, but extraordinarily effective – smoke out right-wingers and their sympathizers, spread the word of their apostasy, freeze them out, repeat. This process is seen in every crevice of Tinseltown, and it quietly teaches a lesson to all watching.

An early example of this was John Milius. The extraordinary screenwriter known for Apocalypse Now, Conan the Barbarian and his gift with dialogue – including Dirty Harry’s “Go ahead, make my day” – became a target of liberal film critics after the success of his 1984 movie Red Dawn, which showed communists as villains. Set in an alt-history where the Soviet Union raids the U.S., the invaders are defeated by armed high school students in a bloody ground war.

“That was the point where [film critics] said, ‘He’s gone too far. Now we’ve got to shut him down,’” said Milius in the 2013 documentary Milius. The rightwing-minded screenwriter never fully recovered from the critic backlash. “I’ve been blacklisted probably since [Red Dawn]. I’ve been blacklisted as surely as anybody in the 50s. I should have made twenty more films.”

Mel Gibson’s epic 2004 movie Passion of the Christ was by every measure a massive success. The $30 million budget grossed a whopping $611 million global box office. Yet after playing Jesus, the then-rising star Jim Caviezel claimed offers dried up and many in the industry began shunning him. And the film critics, almost uniformly liberal, savaged the movie.

Fast-forward to the era of Trump, and the far-left enforcers are working overtime. …

Why does Hollywood hate conservatives?

Hollywood doesn’t hate conservatives because they think they are actually racists, sexist, homophobic, anti-immigrant, climate deniers. No. They hate the right for the same reason that the Crips hate the Bloods, the Hutu hate the Tutsi, the Tijuana Cartel hates the Sinaloa Cartel, and New York Mets fans hate the Yankees. It’s tribal.

After the unions won studio recognition, the far-left firmly planted its cartel in Tinseltown by methodically eliminating rival conservatives on their turf…and they’ve been printing money and pummeling culture with one perspective ever since.

Movie City only elevates those that will continue professing the Left’s supremacy – or will at least remain quiet while it’s being promoted. Deep Hollywood invokes the tribal triggers of racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-science, and homophobe whenever their power is being threatened. And if any well-meaning Tinseltowner publicly shows even a whiff of support for the right – especially President Trump – their membership to this gilded enclave is either suspended or revoked.

In a recent interview with Adam Carolla, Silicon Valley’s Jimmy O. Yang described a time he spoke with a studio executive, trying to understand how an actor is selected for a part. “I’m like ‘oh does it really matter how many Instagram followers somebody has?’ And then she was like, ‘I do check the Instagrams to see if there’s anything weird. If they get drunk everyday, or if they’re a Trump supporter. Then I don’t know, I would have a hard time.’”

If that isn’t a defacto blacklist, then what is?

Great read, recommended.

Glenn Reynolds:

You know the difference between a Republican and a pedophile? Hollywood will work with a pedophile.