Mathematics is…Whiteness

Mathematics is…Whiteness, by Jack Kerwick.

If it hadn’t already become obvious, it is now painfully obvious that leftists, particularly the agents of the Racism-Industrial-Complex, have become a parody of themselves. …

A professor of mathematics education at the University of Illinois, Rochelle Gutierrez, has recently claimed in a chapter that she contributed to an anthology designed for mathematics teachers that math is, in effect, “racist.”

To be more precise, math promotes…“Whiteness.” …

The unspeakable essence of white privilege:

Mathematics … [is] the benchmark of clear thinking, due to “its perceived purity”.

Gutierrez maintains that this value-neutral, normative conception of mathematics has had “lasting” and negative “effects” on legions of people who are “not viewed as mathematical” — which is another way of saying that they are not viewed as intelligent.

“So many people,” Gutierrez continues, “have experienced trauma, microaggressions from participating in math classrooms where the idea of being a successful person, being an intelligent person, is removing oneself from the context, not involving emotions, not involving the body, and being judged by whether one can reason abstractly.”

Can we bring up the South African President again?

How can they criticize mathematics as “abstract,” when modern leftism is all about their abstractions?

The conservative scholar Roger Scruton noted the peculiar characteristics of this esoteric manner of speaking, which he aptly calls “Newspeak.” “The world of Newspeak [the world as it is envisioned by leftists, especially academic leftists, like Gutierrez] is a world of abstract forces, in which individuals are merely local embodiments of ‘isms’ that are revealed in them; hence, it is a world without [individual human] action.” …

But what the left either doesn’t recognize or refuses to recognize is that the very ideals on behalf of which they advocate, like Equality, are themselves Eurocentric to the core. The ideas of natural or “human” rights, Democracy, liberalism, progressivism, and so forth are the intellectual artifacts, the inventory, as it were, of a specific civilization: the West.

If Gutierrez and Young and their ilk cared about consistency, they’d be forced to admit that what goes for mathematics and the like goes equally well for everything else. Racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and xenophobia, like mathematics, all “operate” to facilitate Whiteness, for such forces are evil only if the Individual — another Eurocentric notion — transcends them. Thus, by promoting the idea that these things are wrong, one, paradoxically, promotes … Whiteness!

hat-tip Stephen Neil