Left pushes for felons to vote in the US

Left pushes for felons to vote in the US, by Aaron Klein.

Doug Jones, the Democratic candidate for December’s Senate special election in Alabama, took a leading role in an effort by a far-left legal group massively funded by billionaire George Soros to grant full voting rights nationwide to felons released from prison, including those convicted of murder, rape, and other violent crimes. …

In December 2011, Jones was one of fifteen signatories on a letter sent to Congress from the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University Law School calling for the restoration of “federal voting rights to the nearly four million Americans living, working and paying taxes in our communities who have been disenfranchised because of a criminal conviction in their past.”

The Brennan Center has been the recipient of numerous grants from Soros’s Open Society Foundations totaling over $7,466,000 from 2000 to 2010 alone. …

George Soros

Currently, voting laws for convicted felons differ state by state. Nineteen states restore voting rights only upon completion of the sentence, meaning prison, parole, and probation. Seven states permanently bar voting for people with criminal convictions unless the federal government approves restoration, while three states permanently ban convicted felons unless the government approves individual restoration.

Felons overwhelmingly vote left. Four million voters is significant in the US, where the Presidential candidates get about 60 million votes each.