The Trump dossier was Clinton’s dirtiest political trick

The Trump dossier was Clinton’s dirtiest political trick, by Michael Goodwin.

The revelation that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid as much as $9 million for the discredited Russian dossier on Donald Trump flips the collusion script on its head. …

The explosive report in the Washington Post goes a long way to explaining how the dossier was so widely spread among political reporters during the election. The Clinton camp must have passed it out like Halloween candy to its media handmaidens.

News organizations tried for months to confirm the salacious details, but couldn’t. The document became public when BuzzFeed, a loud Clinton booster, published it 10 days before the inauguration, while acknowledging it couldn’t verify the contents.

The Post report provides possible answers to other questions, too. Because Clinton’s team paid for the dossier, it’s likely that she gave it to the FBI, where James Comey planned to hire the former British agent who had compiled it to keep digging dirt on Trump. …

In short, we now have compelling evidence that the dossier was the largest and dirtiest dirty trick of the 2016 campaign. And Clinton, who has played the victim card ever since her loss, was behind it the whole time.

Who is surprised, given the past misdeeds of the Clintons?

Lion sums it up:

Clinton’s campaign paid money to Fusion GPS which paid a British ex-spy who paid a bunch of shady Russians for fake dirt on Trump, and then they have the chutzpah to complain that Trump colluded with the Russians?