‘Holy cow, we’ve lost our culture’, ‘Everything that keeps our society together is being extinguished’

‘Holy cow, we’ve lost our culture’, ‘Everything that keeps our society together is being extinguished’, by Greg Corombos.

Western civilization is thoroughly battered in Europe, and America is on course for the same fate unless it once again embraces the ideas that made it strong and resists the tide of progressive momentum that seeks to destroy it, according to Sovereign Nations founder and editor in chief Michael O’Fallon. …

“I imagine most [people] have noticed that there are things around them, especially in the last eight to 10 years, that just don’t make sense. What was once heresy is now law and what was once law is now heresy.

“When we take a look at things that were accepted in the United States, the things that held us together, the glue that really kept our civilization together, those things are now being turned and looked at as if they are things and signs of oppression,” O’Fallon said. …

O’Fallon said this is all a result of a carefully planned onslaught from the intellectual left.

“That cause of things we believe to be rooted in what is known as progressivism that is backed by Open Society Foundations – more commonly known is the name of George Soros, which keeps coming up again and again. Certainly, he would be at the source of that,” O’Fallon said. …

O’Fallon said the current attempts to blur the lines on citizenship by allowing non-citizens to vote and being lax on the enforcement of immigration laws is a direct attack on the right of citizens to rule, and he said killing that nation is the greatest tool the progressives have.

Reaping the rewards of cultural Marxism.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific