Chesterton’s Prophesy

Chesterton’s Prophesy, by Hal Colebatch.

To step back and take a broad view of history is to see a constant and almost incessant Muslim onslaught against Judeo-Christianity since the time of Mohammed. This was disguised for long periods, for some time largely because of Muslim technological weakness and Islam’s primitive social organisation. The great battles won against the vast crescent of the Muslim onslaught in the Mediterranean, in Spain and outside Vienna, had apparently consigned it to impotence and insignificance.

It was pushed out of Europe’s political consciousness by the Spanish, Napoleonic and other European Wars, the upheavals and revolutions in Europe, the World Wars and the Cold War. The scientific and technological revolutions contributed to the distraction. Islam, mired in Medievalism, was easy to ignore.

In 1910 G. K. Chesterton published The Flying Inn, a novel telling of a Muslim stealth-conquest of England aided by a treacherous British political class. Then it was probably regarded as quaint -– everyone knew the enemy was Prussian militarism. Chesterton saw further. In his story culture-war prepares the way for military conquest. Then, finally:

There, encamped in English meadows, with a hawthorn-tree in front of them and three beeches behind, was something that has never been in camp nearer than some leagues south of Paris, since that Carolus called The Hammer broke it backward at Tours.

There flew the green standard of that great faith and strong civilization which has so often almost entered the great cities of the West; which long encircled Vienna, which was barely barred from Paris; but which had never before been seen in arms on the soil of England.

The ashes of the Cold War were hardly cold before the ancient onslaught was resumed. And now it has indeed been seen in arms on the soil of England, of every English-speaking and every Western country. It is as if the intervening centuries since the great Muslim assaults were turned back at Vienna in 1529 and 1683, at Malta in 1565 and at Lepanto in 1571, as if the reconquest of Spain completed in 1492, were no more than local and temporary accidents.

The Muslim cry ‘Allahu Akbar!’ with its variations, translates not as the arguably pious ‘God is Great!’ but the aggressive ‘[My] God is greater [than yours]!’ It is said to have been first raised when Muslins were destroying the remnant Jewish communities in Arabia in the 7th century, before sweeping East and West in a great crescent aiming to encircle and subjugate Europe, particularly Rome, and the Christian states that were successors to the Roman Empire.

This renewed attack is greeted with a strange paralysis, helplessness, or even, as in Chesterton, collaboration by the Western political class in different countries.

Police measures against individual acts of terrorism, while obviously necessary, are no adequate counter to this massive onslaught aimed at replacing whole populations. If anyone doubts what this amounts to, let them note the 1,125 people killed in 352 known Islamic attacks in various countries in July. 2017, alone. God only knows how many more have died in North Africa, the Middle East and the rest of the Third World! Christian children have been thrown from buildings, beheaded and roasted alive in ovens if they refused to recant their religion.

Our PC elite are, of course, in denial on this too.

hat-tip Stephen Neil