The European Revolt Continues — Czech Republic

The European Revolt Continues — Czech Republic, by John Hinderaker.

The Czech Republic’s parliamentary election represented yet another rebellion against Europe’s political elites. The winning party, ANO, is considered centrist and won nearly 30% of the vote. Its leader, Andrej Babis, is a billionaire and has been described as a Czech Donald Trump.

Associated Press:

With virtually all votes counted, the Czech Statistics Office said Saturday that ANO won in a landslide with 29.7 percent of the vote.

In a blow to the country’s traditional political elite, four of the top five vote-getting parties Saturday were ones that have challenged the traditional political mainstream.

Back to Hinderaker:

The Pirate Party finished third in the voting, which should tell us something. Expressing the condescending attitude that voters across Europe are rejecting, the AP tells us that “Some [parties] have exploited fears of immigration and Islam….” Of course immigration can never be a legitimate issue, rather it is simply a matter of “exploiting fears.”

But immigration skepticism is a majority view: “Like most Czech parties, ANO also rejects accepting refugees under the EU’s quota system.”