London now more dangerous than New York City, crime stats suggest

London now more dangerous than New York City, crime stats suggest, by Martin Evans.

London is now more crime ridden and dangerous than New York City, with rape, robbery and violent offences far higher on this side of the Atlantic.

The latest statistics, published earlier this week, revealed that crime across the UK was up by 13 per cent, with a surge in violence in the capital blamed for much of the increase.

Seizing on the figures, US President, Donald Trump, claimed the rise could be linked to the “spread of radical Islam”, adding that it demonstrated the need to “keep America safe”.


Naturally this caused the local forces of PC to criticize Trump, because that’s what they do:

Donald Trump has controversially linked an increase in recorded crime in the UK with the “spread of radical Islamic terror”. …

“Controversial” in PC-speak means its blasphemous without being straight up wrong.

Several politicians and social media users were quick to point out Trump’s misinterpretation of the statistics, which include offences ranging from burglary to fraud.

“Please don’t mention us in your propaganda, we all hate you here,” UK author Aaron Gillies tweeted.

That quote is included in the article because it’s what the author, Sally Wardle, really wants to say. And what many readers want to read.

Labour MP and chair of the Commons Home Affairs Committee, Yvette Cooper, said in a statement: “Hate crime in the UK has gone up by almost 30% and rubbish like this tweet from Donald Trump is designed to provoke even more of it. …

But the SMH article also notes in passing and without comment some facts that show that Trump is correct:

There was a 59 per cent rise in the number of attempted murder offences, according to the report. The ONS said the rise was largely due to the London and Manchester terror attacks, where police recorded 294 attempted murders.

That’s how propaganda works. Focus on the blasphemy against PC and the propaganda message, while quietly mentioning enough facts only to keep up credibility. Maybe most readers won’t notice the inconvenient facts, and will just go with the main message — affirmation that Trump is a blasphemer and therefore bad.

Note also that the “fact” marshaled by the PC quotes — that hate crime is up 30% — is very rubbery: the definition of a “hate” crime suits the PC cause, and the police were this year instructed to more actively solicit complaints of hate crimes. But it is presented as a fact, without the obvious qualifiers.

Continuing on with the original article:

But critics dismissed his comments as “ignorant” and “divisive”, with former Labour leader Ed Miliband calling him an “absolute moron”. …

While both London and New York have populations of around 8 million, figures suggest you are almost six times more likely to be burgled in the British capital than in the US city, and one and a half times more likely to fall victim to a robbery.

London has almost three times the number of reported rapes and while the murder rate in New York remains higher, the gap is narrowing dramatically.

hat-tip Stephen Neil