Bannon on Fire in California: Three Standing Ovations at Republican Convention Keynote

Bannon on Fire in California: Three Standing Ovations at Republican Convention Keynote, by Jon Fleischman.

Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon delivered a fiery keynote address to about 500 people at the opening dinner of the California Republican Party’s Fall Convention Friday night, praising President Trump and declaring war on the GOP establishment. …

In referring to his work with President Trump, Bannon said early in his remarks, “I’ve had the honor of being the CEO of his campaign, the chief strategist in the white house — and now I’m proud to say his wingman outside.”

“Donald Trump has been an existential threat to the system,” Bannon declared to overwhelming applause from the audience. …

Bannon talked quite a bit about the pieces of the winning coalition that won the Presidency for Trump and the Alabama GOP Senate nomination for Roy Moore – populists, nationalists, and Christians. …

He said his vision for a united conservative movement is going to be executed by a “grassroots army.”

“It’s about one thing – are you a citizen of the United States of America?” Bannon asked the audience. “Economic nationalism is not what’s going to drive us apart, it’s what’s going to bring us together. GDP isn’t everything. We are not an economy. We are a country. We have a social fabric. I’m a free market capitalist. That’s the underpinnings of our society. Economic nationalism means ensuring that jobs that we have allowed to go to Asia come back to the United States.” …

Bannon said that American citizens should have a preference for jobs and economic opportunity. And that people should have to compete against foreign labor and illegal alien labor. He also decried Europe as being a protectorate of the United States, making no effort to protect themselves. He said that this is changing, “It’s not that we are being isolationists. We have to start thinking like adults… We have to stop worrying about these global institutions… The rules-based international order has worked for everybody except the United States of America.”

Criticized President Bush:

“President Bush embarrassed himself,” Bannon said as he offered a stinging critique of President George W. Bush after the former President’s recent public criticisms of President Trump. “It is clear he didn’t understand anything he was talking about. He had no idea whether he was coming or going. Just like when he was President of the United States. There has not been a more destructive presidency than George Bush’s.”

Bannon’s strong criticism of Bush was met with a lot of applause in the GOP audience – which drew a surprised look from those in the room who clearly were not pleased someone speaking ill of the former Republican President. …


Bannon was also highly critical of China and President Xi Jinping. Bannon said that the Chinese, “have run the tables on us” – and that the United States has become a tributary state to China.”

The Democrats have won everything in California for the past decade or more:

In talking to the blue state crowd of Californians before him, Bannon said, “Winning matters. You’re not here to waste your time. You don’t want moral victories. You want victory victories. It’s time in California we started having some victories.

Bannon critiqued the actions of the left-wing Democrats in Sacramento and their making California a sanctuary state, warning everyone present: “You are a sanctuary state. Trust me if you don’t roll this back — ten or fifteen years from now the folks from the Silicon Valley and the progressive left in this state are going to try and secede from this state.” …


As Bannon’s remarks concluded, the buzz and energy in the room were palpable. Reactions to the speech were effusive:

“He talked to us like we were adults and I think that terrifies the elitists,” said Jan Leja, the head of the San Bernardino County Republican Party. “And he’s not afraid to talk to us like adults and I think that was refreshing.” ..

He received three standing ovations. One when he was introduced, the second at the start of his address, and again upon conclusion.