After Defending Child Rapist Polanski, George Clooney Lectures Middle America in ‘Suburbicon’

After Defending Child Rapist Polanski, George Clooney Lectures Middle America in ‘Suburbicon’, by John Nolte.

Judging by the trailer and the early (and awful) Suburbicon reviews, George Clooney is once again chomping at the bit to lecture Middle America about just how awful and intolerant we all are. But are we really going to allow ourselves to be scolded by a mediocre director who defends an admitted child rapist like Roman Polanski?

Back in February, … Clooney was in France for the Cesars where he received an honorary award (probably because nothing he makes deserves an award-award). …

What he said then about Roman Polasnski:

“I don’t know enough about the Polanski affair to talk about it in detail. But what I understand is that he had an agreement with a judge and that the judge didn’t respect. I also know that the victim now supports him.” And he concluded: “When you think about all that this 83-year-old man has been through, it’s awful to imagine that they’re still after him.

Yes, “it’s awful to imagine” because of all that Poor Roman “has been through.”

In 1977, Polanski admitted to raping a 13 year-old girl (who also says she was sodomized). Before he could be sentenced, Polanski fled America for Europe where, for the last 40 years, a who’s-who of the world’s elite have celebrated and enabled his lavish fugitive lifestyle.

During those terrible, awful decades, poor Polanski has “been through” the winning of an Academy Award (and standing ovation) from Hollywood, has directed more than a dozen films, has been feted and worshiped in most every European capital that does not extradite, and has made millions of dollars.

Polanski is the cream of the international film world’s crop and because he cannot come to Hollywood, Hollywood comes to him.

Oh, and something else that Poor Polanski has “been through” — allegations from three other women who claim he sexually assaulted them as minors.

Last week, Clooney said he knew nothing! about the 20 years of allegations surrounding his colleague Harvey Weinstein. … If Clooney opposes seeing a fugitive child rapist face justice, are we also supposed to believe that someone who is that morally illiterate would have done the right thing had he known about Weinstein?

Try to imagine just how much better off leftwing Hollywood would be right now if they despised sexual predators and child rapists half as much as they do us normal Americans.

hat-tip Charles