Identity politics the focus of Australian university courses

Identity politics the focus of Australian university courses, by Rebecca Urban.

An audit of the 746 history subjects offered across 35 Australian universities this year has ­revealed that 244 — about one-third — focused on identity ­politics, meaning that history was taught from the perspective of a particular interest group, with ­indigenous issues, race and gender being among the most popular themes.

The rise of such subjects, which include “A history of sexualities”, “Masculinities, nostalgia and change” and “Politics of sex and gender” appears to be at the expense of traditional studies in Western civilisation.

There were 241 subjects that could be considered core to understanding the history of Western civilisation, such as ancient civilisations, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, or the Cold War.

Only three universities — the University of Notre Dame Australia, Federation University and Campion College — offered a full suite of subjects in that area. …

Identity politics is too simple to explain most of history:

According to the research paper, The Rise of Identity Politics — An Audit of History Teach ing in Australian Universities in 2017, identity politics is the idea that ­individuals are best defined by their collective identities rather than their individuality.

“It reduces the complexity of the past into this basic idea of race, gender and sexuality,” Dr d’Abrera said.

“How can we reduce the ­Renaissance to that? Or the ­industrial revolution to this idea of a male privilege that oppressed people?

“It’s a big problem that means when people finish their history degrees they don’t necessarily know what happened in the past. Or they have this idea that everything that happened was due to a struggle between the oppressor and the oppressed.”

And identity politics encourages discrimination on the grounds of sex, race, gender, etc. Bigots love it.

hat-tip Stephen Neil