The Democrats Are Shocked!

The Democrats Are Shocked! By John Hinderaker.

The Weinstein scandal is entertaining mostly because he was one of the main pillars of the Democratic Party, and it turns out that he had a decades-long career as a sex criminal. As pretty much everyone already knew, apparently.

Just like Bill Clinton, and quite a few other Democrats, such as — most notoriously — Ted Kennedy. But we want to be scrupulously fair, so we should emphasize that Weinstein neither killed anyone, as far as we know, nor rode on the Lolita Express, as far as has been reported. So let’s not malign Weinstein by a false equivalence with Ted Kennedy or Bill Clinton. …

There are quite a few liberal actresses in Hollywood for whom Jabba is acceptable if the price is right; or, at least, someone who needs to be protected for the sake of one’s career. They are, of course, our moral superiors on Twitter. Especially now that they have spoken up, years after the fact and when there is nothing to lose.