Western Media Bias: Driver ‘deliberately mows down pedestrians’ after mounting the pavement in London

Western Media Bias: Driver ‘deliberately mows down pedestrians’ after mounting the pavement in London, by Rod Liddle.

A car driver ploughs into a bunch of people outside the Natural History Museum in London and lefties are furious mostly because the right-wing columnist Katie Hopkins thought it was another jihadi attack. For thinking this she is a racist bigot and consummately evil — despite the fact that I suspect most Londoners thought precisely the same as Hopkins when they heard the news.

We are in the bizarre situation where horrible incidents not perpetrated by Muslims are gleefully welcomed by the lefties because they believe it adds grist to their idiotic mill: other people are capable of driving cars into pedestrians, you see, so it is racist to suggest that radical Muslims have a particular predilection for doing so. This is, of course, a very stupid argument on more levels than I have room to explain. By the same token, though, it is possible to discern the glee in Hopkins’s tweets: yes, they’re at it again, those Mohammedans — told you.

Anyway, the Metropolitan Police have said they are not treating the incident as terrorism-related ‘at present’ and they have released on bail the 47-year-old man they arrested who did the errant driving. That suggests to me that indeed it isn’t terrorism-related — the fact that he was released rather than held, and the age of the accused.

But I will be more comfortable in making this assumption when the name of the chap is released. The fact that it hasn’t been tilts me back slightly into the Hopkins camp: we are too frequently shielded from the truth by our authorities. They lie to us for what they think are good reasons. When his name is published and it turns out to be John Christian Whitechap, I will suspend my doubts.

But I think if it had been John Christian Whitechap, we would have been told by now. So there is still a possibility, in my mind at least, that it could be something more like Mohammed al Kafirkilla. If it is, and the BBC reports the story, they will almost certainly describe the man as ‘Norwegian’ because he spent a few months in Bergen.

Forgive the cynicism, please. But this kind of obfuscation happens too often. The BBC and the filth want us kept in a pristine safe space where nasty thoughts are not allowed to occur. And so they do not quite tell us the truth and instead feed us soma. I think this approach is counterproductive, as well as being morally and, of course, journalistically wrong.

The driver obviously wasn’t John Christian Whitechap, because he is black.

hat-tip Stephen Neil