Australian taxpayers’ $1m bill for soldier sex change ops

Australian taxpayers’ $1m bill for soldier sex change ops, by Joe Kelly.

The Defence Force has charged taxpayers more than $1 million to pay for sex-change surgeries and provide treatment for personnel experiencing gender dysphoria.

Freedom of Information documents released this week by the ADF revealed that from November 2012 to last March, there were 27 ADF members who ­received treatment for gender dysphoria.

Seventeen ADF members had sex-change surgery — 10 being male-to-female reassignments — with the total cost amounting to $1,052,330, not including phar-maceuticals dispensed by the ­Defence Force. …

One of the key issues detailed in the documents is that transgender members are likely to be non-deployable for some time — the length of which will vary in each case including for psychological counselling.

A brave new world, or just another milestone on the path to decadence?

hat-tip Stephen Neil