Perth council candidate cops online abuse after calling for more diversity

Perth council candidate cops online abuse after calling for more diversity, by Dylan Capron.

Ms Carey, 21, shared an article about young candidates for council on her page and quoted a line from [Western Australian] Local Government Minister David Templeman about needing to reverse the “male, pale and stale” stereotype of councillors.

“More than a third of the people living in Mosman Park are under the age of 30, so isn’t it time that our council reflects that diversity,” she posted.

“Male, pale and stale no more! There’s a new breed of councillor ready to take on the challenges of the future.”

The post was picked up by right-wing Facebook group Abhorrent Australian Memes, which told its more than 40,000 members to let Ms Carey know what they thought of her “anti-white and anti-male rhetoric”.

It also featured on web forum 4chan.

Ms Carey said she received more than 300 abusive comments and posts, calling her racist and sexist.

Obviously denigrating people as “male and pale” is sexist and racist. So where did this come from, and why did Ms Carey feel it was virtuous or acceptable to say such an offensive thing?

It comes from identity politics,and the left’s change in direction in the US. The old left used to promote color blindness and equality of opportunity across the sexes. Then a couple of decades ago they changed strategy, and abandoned the working class in favor of identity groups. In the US, they figured that non-whites would be a majority before long, so championing the group rights of all identity groups except white males would be a long term ticket to electoral success. One of the side effects has been the resurgence of bigotry such as this, and the reemergence of tribalism. Increasingly, the side that wins government dispenses goodies to its voters. The new left openly encourages discrimination along racial and sexual lines, and demands equality of outcome rather than of opportunity.

This US trend has even made its way to the other side of the world, to sleepy Perth in local elections — even though the racial make up of Australia is quite different from the US.

hat-tip Barry Corke