Horrible Harvey and the Democrats’ Conspiracy of Silence

Horrible Harvey and the Democrats’ Conspiracy of Silence, by John Hinderaker.

Barack Obama maintained his silence even longer [than Hillary Clinton], but just two hours ago, the Obamas finally put out a typically self-righteous statement denouncing their former friend Weinstein:

Of course, there was no mention of the fact that Weinstein has been one of the pillars of Obama’s party for years. Nor was there any hint that the now-pervasive claims against Weinstein, stretching over many years, tell us something about Hollywood, one of the Democratic Party’s chief bastions.

Frankly, the Weinstein saga bores me. Am I surprised that Hollywood is corrupt? No. Am I surprised that lefty actresses like Ashley Judd turn out to be hypocrites, self-righteously denouncing Donald Trump while being complicit in Harvey’s reign of terror? No. Where’s that p***y hat now, Ashley?

But the main reason why the Weinstein story bores me is that we have been here before, in much more important fashion. What has Weinstein — now a pariah — done, that Bill Clinton didn’t do? Nothing that I know of …

When [the Democrats] apply the same standard to Bill Clinton, the most popular and respected person in their party, I will conclude that the Democrats are finally making progress.