Denmark: 634 out of 700 asylum seekers lied

Denmark: 634 out of 700 asylum seekers lied, by Spiesa.

Of 700 asylum seekers in Denmark who claimed to be “stateless” from Kuwait, it appeared that 634 were lying and actually came from other Arab countries, reports the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten.

The Danish Immigration Agency carefully examined the 700 asylum seekers who claimed to come from Kuwait.

By using social media history, mobile data and international cooperation, the authority was able to prove that most of them lied about their background.

All the 634 that have been exposed have had their asylum application rejected during the summer, according to Jyllandsposten. Many of them actually came from Iraq and 300 belonged to the same clan.

The reason why they lied about their identity is – of course – that it is easier to get asylum as a stateless.

The Danes are really getting onto this. Why isn’t all the rest of the West?

hat-tip Stephen Neil