Dangerous Abbott unleashed, speaks the truth, critics froth and flounder

Dangerous Abbott unleashed, speaks the truth, critics froth and flounder, by Joanne Nova. We covered Abbott’s speech here. Last night the ABC News went to town on it.

The critics called him a climate denier anyway, even when he toed the politically correct line, so there was nothing left to call him. For former Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, there is no point in pandering. Now after a great speech, the EcoWorriers are left saying he is “loopy”.

The new unleashed Abbott is so much stronger, more compelling, and his message is being spread far and wide. Not only will his GWPF speech fire up the footsoldier deplorables, but he is more likely to reach the undecided centre by speaking his mind freely.

The ABC was pasting his message in large type all over the TV news and in article after article. That’s great for skeptics. The ABC is so blindly consumed with the dominant paradigm they can’t see how appealingly sensible Abbott looks by speaking about cold being a killer, CO2 being good for agriculture, and a bit of warming being beneficial for humans.

His message of irrational electricity pain is so terribly sane. He looks at Manly beach and can see that sea levels haven’t changed much which surely everyone else with open eyes can see too. The ABC frames it as “Abbott has examined a century of photos, and he detects no rise” implying he is an amateur out of his depth (pardon the pun). But it won’t do Abbott any harm, thousands of people know Manly beach. …

The ABC doesn’t even pretend to be politically neutral:

The ABC narrator, Andrew Probyn, tosses out any pretense of being impartial, just blows that facade away: “Tony Abbott – already the most destructive politician of his generation — now intends waging war on what he calls environmental theology, …”

This is the man who led Australia to the most definitive election victory so far this century, who saved lives by stopping the boats, and who didn’t cause deaths with inept programs like rushed “pink batts” schemes. Other politicians promised to not do a major economic transformation which they then went on to exactly and specifically do. That’s a whole new league of political lie. How’s that for destroying democracy?

Probyn goes on to say that “…if [Abbott’s position] tells us anything, it’s that Malcolm Turnbull can’t do anything to appease Tony Abbott on climate action which may embolden cabinet to pursue and deliver the energy policy it wants.“

Instead, the truth is that no one can do anything to appease the Climate-Masters — full obeisance, with bowing, is still not enough.

Probyn has some Christmas fantasy that this will embolden cabinet, that an outspoken Abbott is somehow less of a threat. Good luck with that theory. Are the voters likely to run from an open skeptic? Ask Donald.