There’s No Biz Like Pozbiz

There’s No Biz Like Pozbiz, by Barbara Dabrowska.

The numbers of new HIV infections has doubled within the last ten years according to Dr. N. H. Brockmeyer, head of the German STD council. MSM (men who have sex with men) represent the largest group among those newly infected (67 percent) ….

Ten to 12 percent of Berlin’s MSM are positive and even though the study didn’t draw this exact conclusion, we have an inkling it might have something to do with Berlin’s thriving bareback scene.

Young gay men flock to the city dubbed “Barelin” from all over the place, looking for anonymous sex and the ultimate liberty to live out any cum-drenched dream that might have seemed impossible back home in their small town. …

Popular forums such as Barebackcity and Gayromeo have broken down all barriers of communication and the general “in for a penny, in for a pound” attitude of barebackers has created an ongoing no-rubber trend.

While treatments have improved and HIV is no longer considered a death sentence, there is still considerable risk involved in contracting the virus, yet the barebackers don’t seem too concerned by this.  …

But despite the risks and inconvenience, not to mention the cost to the state involved in treating a life-long infection (on average around 3,000 euros a month per infectee), many barebackers consciously contract the disease or see it as simply a matter of time before they will belong to the HIV community and therefore be able to have even wilder unprotected sex with other infected men.

Ever since bugchasing was picked up by the media in 2003, it has been surrounded by myths and dismissed by naysayers who refuse to believe there are actually guys out there serious enough to do it.

FFUCK4YOU is an old-school barebacker (the term initially described only HIV-positive men having unprotected sex with other HIV-positive men) who earns a bit of money on the side as an escort by offering unprotected sex to HIV-positive men. We spent an afternoon in the Eldorado bar, drinking tea and Champagne Aperol while he gave his account of the local “poz scene” and his encounters with bugchasers, suicidal/ignorant youngsters, and frustrated seeders who refuse medication to remain as infectious as possible.

So the state picks up the tab of 36,000 euros (A$54,000) per year for the rest of their lives, so they can continue their lifestyle. Is everyone cool with that? Do you think these guys will ever get married?

hat-tip Stephen Neil