Gun Control Arguments

Gun Control Arguments, by Scott Adams. At last, someone — notably not in the media, but a blogger — puts the real reason for not having gun control. After accurately shredding various reasons for and against gun control, Adams writes:

Update: Readers asked me to describe the best argument in favor of the 2nd amendment. So I will.

Gun ownership protects citizens against the risk of a tyrant trying to take over.

At this point in the reading of this blog, half of you are laughing out loud because you imagine the massive U.S. military squaring off against some rag-tag militia group with rubber bands on their AR triggers. Not exactly a fair fight.

It’s also not the point.

The way private gun ownership protects citizens is by being a credible threat against all the civilians who might be in any way associated with a hypothetical tyrannical leader who uses the military against citizens. Citizens probably can’t get close to the leaders in such a scenario, but it would take about an hour to round up their families, and the families of supporters.

That would do it.

America is unconquerable.