The same-sex marriage revolution: same as them all

The same-sex marriage revolution: same as them all, by Gary Scarrabelotti.

The point of Orwell’s [Animal Farm] is that revolutions are ultimately about power, not ideology. Ideology is the servant of power. It will be modified, downplayed, suspended and even discarded according as the calculus of power demands. This is what the SSM movement is all about: it’s a power grab by a revolutionary elite.

I am not suggesting that the leading revolutionaries are not sincere in their advocacy of SSM. They are furiously so. Just as Karl Marx was relentlessly sincere about his economic theories and much else besides.

Marx, however, was a revolutionary before he was a socialist and the same goes for the SSMists. They are revolutionaries before they are advocates of same-sex marriage or gender reassignment. Just as with the old Marxists for whom socialism was the form of the revolution, not its substance, so also for the new Marxists and their sexual politics.

One of the great preoccupations linking old with new Marxists is their common detestation of the traditional family. …

Old Marxism focused on attacking the ideological and economic foundations of family independence from the Party and the state: religion (because it provided families with an “ideology” at odds with that of the Party) and private property (because it offered the prospect of economic independence from the state). …

The new Marxist agenda is different. It aims to create aggressively rival models of family and to destroy remaining traditional families by unleashing within them “ideological” conflict over the nature of the family itself and of the relationships within it. The most revolutionary act conceivable is to blow up the family. If you want to demolish society and rebuild on new foundations, then the family is the place to lay your charges. Blast open the protections of its walls, and the individual faces alone the irresistible power of the revolutionary state.

hat-tip Stephen Neil