Media ‘Strangely Reluctant’ to Pursue Specifics About Vegas Shooter

Media ‘Strangely Reluctant’ to Pursue Specifics About Vegas Shooter, by Ann Coulter.

Coulter called it strange and suggested the media were content with knowing just the race and sex of the individual.

“[N]ow that’s what I find most interesting – [the media] seem strangely reluctant to pursue this,” Coulter said. “They’ve decided, ‘He’s a white man. We got our story. Don’t look for any other facts.’” …

“I think the media wants to say it’s a white male,” she added. “They decided that from day one and any other information might change that narrative. And they simply don’t want to know. But as I pointed out in my column this week – this is how conspiracy theories arise. You won’t tell us this stuff. Oh and the woman shouting ‘you’re all going to die’ 45 minutes before the concert started. Do we know – OK, it’s probably just a crazy woman, but could we find out?

Usually when no motive or details are proffered immediately, they eventually turn out to be embarrassing to the left. This has been the case countless times in the last two decades, since the media became so openly biased. So, we wait and see.

hat-tip Stephen Neil