Conservatism is dying. Could Islam help save it?

Conservatism is dying. Could Islam help save it? By David Sargeant.

Most readers of the Spectator Australia will not need me to remind them that we are fighting and losing a culture war. The results of this conflict will define the future of everything we value and believe in.

However, for a while now, I’ve wondered. Where exactly does Islam fit into the secular scheming of the radical-left?

The left and Islam are in uneasy coalition:

It is the left who have been the biggest cheerleaders for Islam. It was they who flung open the doors to mass Islamic immigration. Indeed, they sent out ‘search parties’ designed to ‘rub the right’s nose in diversity.’ …

There are two primary reasons for the lefts vehement support for Islam. Firstly, their desire to undermine any remaining remanence of Christian cultural identity. Second, their historic opposition to anybody in a position of authority. As Islamic arrivals are relatively new additions to the societal social fabric, they do remain somewhat underrepresented in: ‘the corridors of power.’ Therefore, the left feel that they owe it to Muslims to privilege the Islamic community.

This is a blinding contradiction. Liberals now control and define every institution in the English-speaking world. It is they who are the establishment. They who are the West’s dominant cultural movement. …

The left and Islam use each other:

In reality, Islam and the left are not the firm friends many imagine them to be. They are simply allies of convenience.

Each attempt to use the other to further their own objectives. The left is using Islam to undermine monoculturalism and topple an establishment, that, ironically, they control. Further, they recognise that, at least in the short-term, an influx of foreign citizens will result in an increased vote share. Finally, they wish to signal their own virtue.

Correspondingly, Islam uses the left to increase the funding and autonomy of its own community. It also uses the left to buy the precious time it requires to grow in number and in influence. …

But it won’t last:

At some point in the future, the Cultural Marxists will no-longer be able to tolerate the unbearable non-compliance. They will seek to enforce their Orwellian sexual radicalism upon the children of the Islamic community. By this point, the Islamic community will be strong and numerous enough to resist the advances of the left.

The article even suggests Islam may prove to be a future ally of the right.

hat-tip Stephen Neil