Eight of 52 US Republican Senators Are Pushing Amnesty or Outsourcing Bills

Eight of 52 US Republican Senators Are Pushing Amnesty or Outsourcing Bills, by Neil Munro.

At least eight of the 52 GOP Senators are pushing various amnesty and outsourcing bills, despite polls showing massive opposition among Republicans, Democrats and independent voters.

The business-first amnesty bills would greatly expand the annual inflow of migrants, create a huge wave of chain migration, dramatically increase poverty and federal spending, force many Americans to the economic sidelines — and would also make GOP politicians into a powerless minority when voters turn their backs and Democrats grow confident they will soon have California-like majorities in the House and Senate. …

The Senators are being herded by business-first lobbyists, with the help of skewed polls, home-state lobbying, business donations, and media pressure. The lobbyists are hoping to build a critical mass of GOP Senators — especially in the leadership — so that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell agrees to allow a vote during the Christmas budget-and-government-shutdown crunch. If McConnell agrees to hold a vote, then the lobbyists will get their chance to stampede roughly 20 GOP Senators to vote with Democrats in favor of a comprehensive amnesty-and-outsourcing bill.

The lobbyists’ goal is tough to achieve, largely because the voters — especially Republican voters — really hate amnesty bills which threaten Americans’ jobs and wages, as Donald Trump proved in 2016, and as the New York Times tacitly recognized October 1.

A US reader comments:

This is exactly why the Republicans are often called the stupid party.  They have fealty to their wealthy donors but to hell with the voting public.  In doing this they are committing suicide, but many of them will be out of office before the hammer falls. They knife the middle class in the back with all this immigration.  It does suppress the wages of Americans.

As Ann Coulter notes, US voters have been voting against amnesty and increased migration at every opportunity for at least two decades. Lobbyists have way too much power, and the conservatives are stupid for letting themselves be persuaded over the wishes and interests of the electorate. At least the Democrats have a vested interest in more migrants (i.e. more votes for them).

This is about the biggest issue in the world’s foremost nation, and is echoed all over the West. It is central to the main strategy of the new left (immigrants and identity politics = votes of the left), and makes a mockery of democracy as the elite ride roughshod over the wishes of the majority.

hat-tip Charles