White working class children victims of racial ‘injustices’, Theresa May-backed review finds

White working class children victims of racial ‘injustices’, Theresa May-backed review finds, by Steven Swinford.

White working class children are victims of long-standing racial “injustices” which see them struggle to get on in life, an audit commissioned by Theresa May has found.

The Prime Minister said that Britain must face up to “uncomfortable” truths about the hardship faced by different ethnic groups across the UK.

She said that the research, which she commissioned shortly after taking office, presents a “complex” picture of inequality in Britain and held up a “mirror” to society.

The research found that white pupils from state schools had the lowest University entry rate of any ethnic group.

Well that should put the obvious on the official agenda. Well done. From 2016:

Theresa May vows to end ‘burning injustices’ faced by white working class and ethnic minorities, by Steven Swinford.

The plight of the white working class in modern Britain is a “difficult truth” and is as much of an injustice as discrimination against ethnic minorities, Theresa May has suggested. …

The audit will be central to Mrs May’s “social justice” agenda, which she announced outside Downing Street shortly after she became Prime Minister as she vowed to fight the “burning inequality” in modern Britain.

The research will address the “disadvantages suffered by white working class people as well as ethnic minorities” and give everyone the opportunity to check how their background affects their prospects in life. …

It will also address inequalities facing ethnic minorities. They include the fact that children from black Caribbean backgrounds are three times more likely to be permanently excluded from school than their peers, and that the employment rate for ethnic minorities is 10 per cent lower than the national average.

If the UK bureaucracy goes down the path of data and evidence, then there are a few well known un-PC truths that will have to be faced up to. This might get interesting eventually. Stay tuned.

hat-tip Stephen Neil