The ultra-repressive Swedish political environment

The ultra-repressive Swedish political environment, by a reader in Sweden.

The Swedish situation is getting crazy.

Here are the latest books for children presented at the Gothenburg Book fair; public libraries already stocking up. They normalize Sharia law and Arabic culture.

“Grandpa Has Four Wives” and “Grandma is no ghost”

That men can have several wives seems to be the new normal. Social authorities are buying three owner flats for Muslim men that arrive in Sweden and live on social welfare.

At the same time libraries are burning old stock of Pippi Longstocking books, because sometimes Astrid Lindgren used the term “neger king.”

Some clues about how this came to pass:

I also found that the biggest Swedish broadsheet Dagens Nyheter has disabled all weblinks to editorial articles written by my friend Dr Hans Bergström, the publisher and editor in chief of Dagens Nyheter from 2001 to 2009. He had to leave the paper and move to the USA after writing articles critical of Obama.

Today the Swedish opinion climate is so suffocating repressive that you can be called a Nazi or racist if you quote Karl Popper.

Signs of the times in the world’s humanitarian superpower:

Police have lost control of some areas in Sweden and are now cooperating making deals with Muslim gangs.

My brother, who has been living in a nice affluent suburb in Stockholm, is now planning to move to the Island of Åland, part of Finland in the Baltic sea. I need to sell the house while it still has any value left.

Out with the old culture and people, in with the new: 

About 30% of Sweden’s current population has a foreign background, and ethnic Swedes are expected to become a minority in their own country within 25 years at most. This is in a country that until a few decades ago was considered one of the most homogeneous populations in the West.

In Finland, a book entitled “How to marry a Finnish girl” was published. Some have noted that the book’s illustration appears to represent a dark-skinned man touching a fair-skinned woman in a bridal gown.

A caustic comment:

One Sweden + one Somalia = White supremacy
Zero Swedens + two Somalias = Diversity