Nuclear submarine captain relieved of command

Nuclear submarine captain relieved of command, by the BBC.

HMS Vigilant

A nuclear submarine captain has been relieved of his command after an alleged “inappropriate relationship” with a member of his crew.

The Royal Navy captain is being investigated following the allegations, which involve a female member of crew. …

A ban on women serving on board submarines was only lifted in 2011. …

All Royal Navy vessels have a “no touching rule” that prohibits intimate relationships on board, but the Navy takes a particularly harsh view when it might affect the chain of command.

In 2014, the first female captain of a Navy warship — HMS Portland — was removed from command after she was found to have breached strict rules on relations with a member of her crew.

All those millions of years of evolution, biology, and sexual attraction. The progressives are really up against it this time, but they know best. Western defense is in the best of hands.