US Democrats Don’t Care About Young White People, New Poll Shows

US Democrats Don’t Care About Young White People, New Poll Shows, by Greg Price.

Most young Americans dislike President Donald Trump, but the disgust is not sending white millennials into the arms of a Democratic Party that they believe does not care about them, a new survey shows.

Young white millennials stood out as the only subgroup to think the Democratic Party is not responsive to their concerns, according to an NBC News/GenForward survey released Wednesday. Fifty-five percent responded “no” when asked of the party “cares about people like you,” compared to 45 percent of young whites who answered “yes.”

Meanwhile, younger African Americans, Asian Americans and Latinos are still staunchly in the party’s column. Sixty-nine percent of millennial African Americans, 68 percent of Asian Americans and 60 percent of Latinos all felt the Democrats cared about them.

Identity politics in action. The US Democrats are trying to build an electoral majority of non-white identity groups, plus females and non-straights.

It is reinvigorating racism, sexism, and bigotry in the West, as the new left encourages identity groups (except straight white males) to celebrate their group rights and hate on white straight guys. The double standards and naked grabs for group privileges are also resulting in the reversal of long-standing trends in the west to free speech and individual human rights. Ugly.

The election of Trump has, for the first time, cast doubts on the electoral success of the strategy.  With all those third world immigrants, the left thought they had a lock on the US electorate.

Meanwhile the new left/media accuse Trump of stoking racial tensions and being divisive. Fully sick.

hat-tip Stephen Neil