Pope Francis Tells Migrants: ‘You Are Warriors of Hope’

Pope Francis Tells Migrants: ‘You Are Warriors of Hope’, by Thomas Williams.

Pope Francis flew to Bologna, Italy, Sunday and met with a large group of migrants and refugees, calling them “warriors of hope” while insisting that nations open broader avenues for immigration. …

In his address, the Pope also offered his explanation of why he believes some people in Europe oppose mass migration, building on earlier statements in which he suggested that xenophobia was fueling people’s concerns.

“Many do not know you and they are afraid,” he said. “This makes them feel entitled to judge harshly and coldly while thinking they see well. But this is not true. We see well only with the proximity that comes from mercy. Without this, the other remains a stranger, even an enemy, and cannot become my neighbor.” …

“In you I see Jesus Christ, as with any stranger who knocks at our door, who identifies himself with the foreigner, of every age and condition, accepted or rejected,” he said. …

He is encouraging immigration by young military age third world Muslims. What is he playing at? Has he no idea? Is he innumerate? Do his feelings override his rational brain? Has he no concept of history, which tells what will happen? Does he not read the news, or does he skip over the bits that doesn’t jibe with his fantasies?

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hat-tip Stephen Neil