Police chief admits: ‘We don’t have enough officers to keep the public safe’

Police chief admits: ‘We don’t have enough officers to keep the public safe’, by The English Democrats.

A police chief has admitted “we cannot keep people safe anymore”, and attacked spending cuts he claims have left him with too few officers to respond to 999 calls.

Bedfordshire chief constable John Boucher said: “We do not have the resources to keep residents safe.” “My officers cannot cope with the demand and no-one seems to be listening.”

He told a local newspaper: “The position is a scandal. At some point officials have got to sit up and take notice before something happens.”

The number of 999 calls in the county had risen 18 per cent over the last two years, while calls to the less-urgent 101 line were up 15 per cent, he said. The Bedfordshire force is one of the smallest in Britain, but covers busy Luton airport as well as the town, which has been described as a “hotbed of terrorism”.

Mr Boucher added: “Officers are now attending 500 extra urgent calls a month compared to 12 months ago – 20 of which are to trace looked-after children who are at risk of exploitation by gangs or paedophiles.

The light policing of the West is based on a relatively law-abiding and culturally homogeneous (though not ethnically homogeneous) population. Those conditions are increasingly been eroding by third world immigration, especially Muslim immigration. Where will we be in fifty years? Mere policing will no longer be enough, and our societies will be fundamentally transformed. Conform to Islam, or else.

hat-tip Stephen Neil