Generation jihad: be warned, some caliphate kids are out to kill Australians

Generation jihad: be warned, some caliphate kids are out to kill Australians, by Jennifer Oriel.

Islamic State rears the children of the caliphate to be willing killers for Allah. The UN believes caliphate youth have an unquestionable right of return to Western countries. And who among us would deny children raised by jihadists the promise of safety in the bosom of the West?

The problem is that many caliphate youth have been filmed delighting in the torturous slaughter of innocents. And teen jihadists have prepared some of the worst terrorist attacks on Western soil, including the slaughter of our children. We are avoiding the vexed question of government policy to settle caliphate kids in Australia. Are we welcoming the return of innocent children from Islamic State or rolling out the red carpet for generation jihad? …

For many, the symbol of jihadist depravity is the image of Khaled Sharrouf’s son gripping the decapitated head of a slain soldier. The image that haunts me is teen jihadist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev carefully carrying a bomb through a crowd at the Boston Marathon before setting it down behind a row of children. Tsarnaev was 19 and had been welcomed into America as a refugee. Among those he targeted was eight-year-old Martin Richard. Martin’s tiny body bled out after the bomb tore through him, leaving one arm ­almost severed and his intestines exposed. …

Our leaders appear to have no idea of the power of Islam. Do 1,400 years mean nothing? Islam is still going strong, little changed over all that time.

Justice Minister Michael Keenan has urged sympathy for the children of the caliphate, saying we should “put them into the ­social services system run by the states to ensure their welfare is looked after”. He believes the government can vet security risks on a case-by-case basis.

The official ­response strikes me as somewhat naive. The use of children for jihad is not incidental. It a highly developed strategy of war. Islamic State’s playbook, Management of Savagery, provides a blueprint for tactical warfare using jihad to ­destabilise nations from within. ­Islamists are directed to attract youth to jihad for small, intensive operations to maximise chaos by exhausting governmental resources as police and military are ­deployed to protect citizens. Australia already has a well-­developed problem with organised youth jihad. …

Generation jihad has been trained to destroy the West from within. It is never wise to walk blindly into battle but it is suicidal to believe social welfare will transform soldiers of jihad into fine citizens of the Judeo-Christian West.

Amen. Or will that be Allahu akbar soon? Our leadership is a joke.

hat-tip Stephen Neil