No Mercy for @KevinSpacey? Welcome to the Sexual Harassment Apocalypse

No Mercy for @KevinSpacey? Welcome to the Sexual Harassment Apocalypse, by Robert McCain.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, [Star Trek Discovery actor Anthony] Rapp is publicly alleging for the first time that in 1986, [Kevin] Spacey befriended Rapp while they both performed on Broadway shows, invited Rapp over to his apartment for a party, and, at the end of the night, picked Rapp up, placed him on his bed, and climbed on top of him, making a sexual advance. According to public records, Spacey was 26. Rapp was 14.

For years, Rapp, now 46, told no one about his experience, and he has never spoken with Spacey since. …

Kevin Spacey is being criticized for “hiding under the rainbow” after he came out in the same statement in which he apologized for alleged unwanted sexual advances towards actor Anthony Rapp when Rapp was just 14. …

Translation: “I was too drunk to remember and, now that I’ve cleared that up, you can applaud my courage for being homosexual.” …

The “stereotype for the gay predator” is arguably the worst of it because, if you believe everything you read on the Internet (which I don’t) this wasn’t just a one-time drunken mistake on Spacey’s part. There is, and has been for a long time, much chatter about Spacey’s predatory habits. While it is impossible to know whether any of this chatter is accurate, there are those who say Spacey more or less routinely solicited oral sex from young guys who worked on the House of Cards crew. …

In general, the chatter suggests that Kevin Spacey is promiscuous and that he likes ’em young. Not necessarily illegally young, but young. And if you will recall the comments that got Milo Yiannopoulos thrown under the bus, this is not an uncommon pattern among gay men. Many of them had their earliest sexual encounters as teenagers with older partners, and didn’t mind the experience, and don’t consider such “intergenerational” sex harmful. This aspect of gay culture has never been secret, although we’re not supposed to mention it because . . . “stereotype.” …

It would be unfair to impugn all gay men as complicit in this, in the same way as it is unfair for feminists to imply that Harvey Weinstein is representative of all heterosexual men.

In the 1970s and ’80s, however, gay “chicken hawks” were quite open about their preferences, and many advocated the abolition of the age of consent. … The AIDS epidemic exposed how shockingly promiscuous many gay men were:

In 1982, the CDC reported that that the “median number of lifetime male sexual partners” for gay men diagnosed with AIDS was 1,160. Repeat: One thousand one hundred sixty.

This mind-boggling statistic was the median number of partners — this was typical behavior in the urban gay subculture at the time. These were the prevalent norms in that subculture when Kevin Spacey (b. 1959) was a young gay man in the 1970s and ’80s. …

Do you think Kevin Spacey doubted the existence of horny gay teenagers? Do you think Spacey simply imagined that Anthony Rapp might be sexually interested in him? For the sake of argument, put aside your concern for morality and the law. …

The forces of Sexual Anarchy unleashed in the 1960s were still raging in the 1980s — indeed, they are still raging to this day — and gay people have never had a monopoly on perversion and decadence. The destruction of Kevin Spacey’s career for what he did (or allegedly attempted to do) in 1986 must be put in context of this pervasive decadence. How many 14-year-old hookers were turning tricks in New York in 1986? Have all their pimps and johns been exposed and put in prison? No, because most of those hookers probably died from drug overdoses or disease or violence long ago, and the men who abused them for cash weren’t famous enough to get a headline anywhere. …

Welcome to the Sexual Harassment Apocalypse. In every corner of elite society, powerful men are sweating with fear that their ex-wives or ex-girlfriends or some random chick they met in a bar will jump out on the #MeToo hashtag and destroy their careers and reputations. …

As recently as November 2016, Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein, like every other liberal, were going all-out to elect Hillary Clinton president, to continue the merciless Title IX regime on university campuses, where more than 100 males students have filed lawsuits claiming they were falsely accused and denied due process in kangaroo-court hearings imposed at the behest of the Obama administration.

Karma is a deeply ironic bitch. …

There are layers and layers of irony here. Feminists had staked their hopes on Hillary Clinton to vindicate the wrongs they had suffered, and none of them believed she could lose to a foul-mouthed misogynist bully like Donald Trump. Alas, they hoped in vain. Driven mad by despair, they decided it was time for some vigilante justice. So they started naming names and — mirabile dictu! — these turned out to be liberal men who never expected to be targeted for the kind of merciless treatment that college boys had been facing for years. …

Did I mention that Kevin Spacey’s name shows up, along with his friend Bill Clinton, on flight logs of the “Lolita Express,” the nickname of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet? …

When it rains, it pours, and Spacey seems to expect that there will now be a veritable deluge of accusers rushing to tell their own stories about his inappropriate behavior, a lot more recently than 1986, and without the excuse of drunkenness to explain it away. Criminal prosecution? Probably not, but even if he is never charged with a crime, the damage from Anthony Rapp’s accusation has been enough to cancel House of Cards and, in all likelihood, Spacey’s acting career is finished.

How Google and MSM Use “Fact Checkers” to Flood Us with Fake Claims

How Google and MSM Use “Fact Checkers” to Flood Us with Fake Claims, by Leo Goldstein. The latest trends in PC propaganda:

The Left implemented a novel technique of the Big Lie that I will call a Flooding Fake here. This technique was especially widely used by climate alarmism. This is what it looks like:

  1. An important figure or organization on the Left is caught doing something wrong, saying something outrageous, or blatantly lying.
  2. The Left injects into public discourse an absolutely fake, but believable, account of this action and immediately “debunks” this account.
  3. The fake narrative is accepted by the public as truth because the public knows that something similar has happened. The immediate debunking is rejected as a cover-up attempt.
  4. Later, when people accuse the original wrongdoer they use elements of the fake narrative. This is when “fact checkers” jump on them. Fake news networks accuse honest statesmen and commentators of spreading fake news. The liberals’ conviction that the conservatives are stupid and uninformed gets deeper. Google buries honest pieces far from public sight. Facebook tries to prevent their sharing.

Examples at the link. I’ve personally seen this at work a few times, the Internet flooded with easily debunked or faulty fakes in order to hide the original truth. Easier to do if you have Google and Facebook on side.

And don’t trust Snopes, except to run the PC line:

Snopes had its history erased from (that calls itself the Wayback Machine) is an Amazon-owned service that stores copies of web pages and sites for posterity. Some pages and sites are not stored because they are not popular, are forbidden to crawlers, or are hard to save.

But “has been excluded from the Wayback Machine.” is the first website I encounter that has been excluded. That means it has forbidden to crawl its site and demanded to take down already saved data.

That makes sense. Snopes is a fact checker – it checks facts to ensure they match the party line. In such cases, the party line is usually thin and changes frequently, so Snopes does not want 3rd parties to keep the history of changes. Think Orwell, 1984.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific

Mass Immigration to U.S. Is World’s ‘Largest Anti-Poverty Program’ at the Expense of Americans

Mass Immigration to U.S. Is World’s ‘Largest Anti-Poverty Program’ at the Expense of Americans, by John Binder.

Decades of mass immigration to the United States, with more than 1.5 million legal immigrants entering the country every year, is the world’s “largest anti-poverty program” at the expense of blue-collar American workers and the middle class, says a Harvard University economist.

In an interview with Talking Points Memo, economist George Borjas detailed how more than five decades of mass immigration of low-wage foreign nationals to the U.S. have negatively impacted America’s poor, working class, and middle class in the labor force. …

When it comes to how much Americans have suffered because of mass immigration, Borjas says his “rule of thumb is that if immigration increases the number of workers by 10 percent, the wage of workers probably drops by about 3 percent.” …

Borjas said that Americans are not only negatively impacted by immigration in the workforce but also in how much they must pay in social services for new arrivals.

That extends to the rest of the West too.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific, Stephen Neil

Discrimination Against White People in the USA: It’s as real as the discrimination against black people was under segregation

Discrimination Against White People in the USA: It’s as real as the discrimination against black people was under segregation, by Daniel Greenfield.

The release of an NPR poll in which a majority of white people (55%) answered that they face racial discrimination was treated with the media’s usual cocktail of condescension, disbelief and contempt. …

Only one racial group in America is subject to a system of codes, regulations and laws discriminating against members of its race when it comes to employment and education.

Affirmative action is an inescapably real and racist as segregated water fountains.

Affirmative action is racial discrimination, not as a matter of opinion, but as a hard objective fact. Racial preferences reward and punish people based on their race. … Diversity is a mandate on campuses and in corporations across the country. And it’s the very definition of racism. …

Justifying racial discrimination is a repugnant idea. The defenders of affirmative action feel that they are justified. But George Wallace and Malcolm X felt the same way. Racists generally feel that they are justified. When their views are socially acceptable enough, they don’t even recognize their own racism. …

The poorer you are, the more likely you are to feel discriminated against. African-Americans have the highest perception of discrimination while Asian-Americans are the minority group with the lowest perception of discrimination. …

Democrats used to focus on class. Then they went so far down the rabbit hole of identity politics that they discarded white working class voters and became the party of minorities: no matter how wealthy. …

Opposing Trump was a wealthy white woman who insisted that she was the real victim. Hillary Clinton didn’t come out of nowhere. Her Democrat predecessor was a wealthy black man whose media lackeys insisted that every criticism of him was racist. You can find that same dynamic across the Dem political machine where the real victims are wealthy, urban multicultural elites. The real victims are Linda Sarsour, Cory Booker, Tom Perez, Keith Ellison and a rash of other powerful figures.

The Dems don’t see anything absurd about a coterie of wealthy and powerful people claiming to be the victims on account of their DNA even as they Uber from one Washington D.C. cocktail party to another. But the carpenter in Iowa, the coal miner in Pennsylvania and the steelworker in Michigan do. …

The denunciations of ‘whiteness’ that began on campus and spilled out into politics and the media would be utterly unacceptable if they were directed at ‘blackness’. …

When Obama endorsed the racial supremacists of Black Lives Matter even as members of the hate group boasted of invading “white spaces” to harass white people, how was that any different than the winking support that the KKK received from Democrat politicians for its campaigns of racist terror? …

The elites champion an unceasing battle against ‘whiteness’, yet ridicule the idea that white people might feel discriminated against. They legalize discrimination against white people, yet alternate between dismissing and justifying its existence. And then they act shocked that they lost the white vote. …

The original sin of civil rights was trying to fight racism with more racism and discrimination with more discrimination. The only thing that trying to fight racism with more racism does is create more racism.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

What is the Alt Right?

What is the Alt Right? This is about the new definition of alt-Right, which came after Trump’s election and the media changed the meaning in order to link Trump to white nationalism.

Interesting point of view. Focuses on the similarities between the left and the alt-right, which are both alternatives to conservatism: obsessed with race, favoring collectivism over individualism, and rejecting God.

Some degree of white consciousness in terms of tribal identity is perfectly normal — all other races and cultures do it. Just that the left forbids it to whites.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

US left wing groups travelled to Germany last July to meet with Al qaeda and ISIS leaders and plot the destruction of President Trump, secret FBI investigation reveals

US left wing groups travelled to Germany last July to meet with Al qaeda and ISIS leaders and plot the destruction of President Trump, secret FBI investigation reveals. By Ed Klein.

A secret FBI investigation of the violent ‘resistance’ movement on college campuses against President Trump has led to an alarming discovery—the collusion between American anarchists and foreign terrorists in the Islamic State and Al qaeda, according to a confidential ‘Informational Report’ by FBI field offices. …

‘The Americans communicate with the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations on websites, and they use those websites to download instructions on making weapons,’ said an FBI source who had access to Comey’s intelligence reports.

‘As the Trump administration has demonstrated it’s serious about destroying the Islamic State, and depriving ISIS of territory in Iraq and Syria, the alliance between the American radicals and ISIS has grown even closer. The Internet chatter between the Americans and the Islamists is astronomical.

‘The FBI is really playing catchup ball, because the Obama administration refused to give the bureau the resources it needed to effectively infiltrate and surveil the radical groups on college campuses,’ the source continued.

‘Any talk of a connection between radical Islam — a phrase the Obama people wouldn’t even use — and American extremists was pretty much laughed off. [Former Attorney General] Loretta Lynch would have blown a gasket if she heard that the FBI was surveilling so-called college political organizations.

‘All that has changed under the Trump administration. Everyone’s aware that the resistance movement, with its effort to get rid of Trump by any means necessary, has created fertile soil for ISIS and al Qaeda to establish a beachhead in America.’

hat-tip Charles

The Rise Of Red-Green Fascism: British Universities May Censor Student Reading

British Universities May Censor Student Reading, by Sian Griffiths.

Universities are considering the insertion of warnings into books and even moving some off open library shelves altogether to protect students from “dangerous” and “wrong” arguments.

The proposal could hit books by climate-change sceptics, feminists, eugenicists, creationists, theologians and Holocaust deniers. It will generate new controversy over free speech at British universities, where speakers have been “no-platformed” because of their views.

The rise of red-green fascism.

Lenin’s shadow is over us all

Lenin’s shadow is over us all, by Troy Bramston.

A century ago, the Bolshevik Red Guards stormed the Winter Palace and seized power in Russia. What followed was not the communist utopia promised by Vladimir Lenin but oppression, starv­ation and mass murder. This bloody legacy should finally be recognised by those on the left who continue to proclaim Lenin as a secular saint. …

Lenin sought to transpose the writings of Karl Marx into the world’s first communist state. When anybody has sought to implement this ideology, or a version of it, it has been coupled with the destruction of human rights, misery and death. Russia plunged into civil war and for the next 75 years, the people suffered.

The inconvenient truth for those who continue to propagate the myth of Marxist-Leninism is that its leaders empowered the state to subjugate and impoverish its own people. The short-lived reign of Lenin beget the regime of Stalin. It was under Lenin that the purges, the gulags and the murders began.

Echoes today in the left’s idea that it is OK to use political violence against its opponents and to suppress their speech:

As Victor Sebestyen writes in his superb Lenin the Dictator (Hachette), it would be mistaken to compare him to Stalin, Adolf Hitler or Mao Zedong. Lenin was idealistic, not sadistic. But he was also pragmatic. “He built a system based on the idea that political terror against opponents was justified for a greater end,” Sebestyen writes. “It was perfected by Stalin but the ideas were Lenin’s.” …

{lenin] was a mesmerising speaker who spouted a simplistic slogan: “Peace, bread and land.” This was a simple solution to complex problems but appealed to the Russian people, who were desperate for change. He told crowds they were being ignored, left behind and had no stake in their country’s future. Sound familiar?

“In many ways he was a thoroughly modern political phenomenon — the kind of demagogue familiar to us in Western democracies, as well as in dictatorships,” Sebestyen writes. “He promised people anything and everything … Lenin was the godfather of what commentators a century after his time call ‘post-truth politics’.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Foreign companies in China get a new partner: the Chinese Communist Party

Foreign companies in China get a new partner: the Chinese Communist Party, by Chun Han Wong.

The 300 or so Communist Party members who work at Walt Disney Co.’s theme park in China don’t keep their politics to themselves.

Many attend party lectures during business hours and display hammer-and-sickle insignia at their desks. Company newsletters and state media praise them as exemplary workers. Party officials help manage staff welfare and arrange activities such as political seminars for members and singing contests for all employees. …

The compromises made by Western firms to do business in China are becoming increasingly uncomfortable now that President Xi Jinping is pushing to embed the Communist Party deeper into the world’s second-largest economy.

Mr Xi emerged from a recent party congress with five more years as leader and power comparable with that of Chairman Mao Zedong. One of his top priorities is to restore the party as a force in people’s lives and recapture its revolutionary sense of mission. …

The intrusion of politics into the workplace adds to the challenges faced by foreign businesses in China, including intellectual-property theft and sharper competition from local firms.

hat-tip Stephen Neil

Donald Trump Campaign Adviser George Papadopoulos Flips; Pleads Guilty to False Statements to FBI

Donald Trump Campaign Adviser George Papadopoulos Flips; Pleads Guilty to False Statements to FBI, by Charles Spiering.

George Papadopoulos, an early national security adviser to President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has pleaded guilty to giving false statements to the FBI about his communications with Russian-connected officials while serving as an adviser to the campaign. …

He previously asserted that communications and meetings with Russian-connected officials took place before he assumed an advisory role with the campaign. …

Papadopoulos admitted that he met with a Russian connected professor while serving as an advisor on the campaign; and sought to set up meetings between campaign officials and Russian officials. The Russian connected professor told Papadopoulos that the Russians had “thousands of emails” from Hillary Clinton and “dirt” on the Democratic candidate for president.

“Don’t tell me about facts. I don’t need no facts.”: The intellectual arrogance of suppressing campus speech

“Don’t tell me about facts. I don’t need no facts.”: The intellectual arrogance of suppressing campus speech. By Richard Cravatts.

Seeming to give credence to Bertrand Russell’s observation that “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts,” a student-written op-ed that ran in the September 25th issue of The Daily Princetonian argued that conservatives should not have the benefit of free speech, and do not even have the right to expect its protection because, given their ideological stance, “they are appealing to a right that does not exist” for them.

“Some ideas will already have been judged wanting,” [student Ryan Born continued in this astounding piece of sophistry], and “Conservatives ought to question why some ideas are so stringently opposed and then adapt their arguments, instead of begging for ‘free speech.’” …

Now, any speech that the left wishes to suppress or avoid it categorizes as being equivalent to violence; conservative ideology is thought of as being weaponized as “hate speech” and potentially harmful to listeners. …

Speakers who question prevailing liberal orthodoxy are said to be committing virtual “violence” against marginalized victim groups on campus who might be exposed to these extremist ideas and be injured by them in some way, and speakers are disinvited or obstructed proactively to ensure that victims are never threatened by ideas they do not wish to hear or tolerate.

These intolerant liberals are not even interesting in engaging with their ideological opponents. At a Rutgers University panel discussion in October, “Identity politics: the new racialism on campus?,” sponsored by Spike, “a British anti-misanthropy current-affairs magazine,” audience members began interrupting the panelists with chants of “black lives matter!” When one of the panelists attempted to explain his position, a woman from the audience shouted out that she did not “need statistics,” further complaining that, at any rate, “the system” controls facts. “It’s the system. It’s the institution,” she raved. “Don’t tell me about facts,” she shouted, most revealingly. “I don’t need no facts.”

Wait until this generation are in charge of society.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific