Hillary Lackey Gets Hammered by Trump Supporters For Saying Obama Admin “Honorable, Scandal-Free”

Hillary Lackey Gets Hammered by Trump Supporters For Saying Obama Admin “Honorable, Scandal-Free”, by Gateway Pundit.

Brian Fallon is a CNN political contributor and former Hillary Clinton spox. He … praised the Obama administration for being “honorable and scandal-free”.

Here’s a short list of just a few of Obama’s scandals:

  1. Benghazi
  2. Hillary’s private server
  3. Fast and Furious
  4. AG Holder being held in contempt of Congress
  5. Solyndra
  6. Delivering pallets of cash to Iran in the dead of the night
  7. Obamacare “You can keep your Doctor”
  8. IRS targeting conservative groups
  9. Bowe Bergdahl
  10. Spying on journalists
  11. Unmasking/spying on political opponents

Trump supporters torched him.

This episode demonstrates the power of the media on the echo chamber. The US mainstream media, echoed by the ABC here in Australia, consistently downplayed any negatives about the Obama administration — to the point where someone living in that echo chamber would have the impression that the Obama presidency was scandal free and, well, really good.

Yet, from before he got into office, everything about Trump was scandalous, and all his negatives (and then some) were up-played ridiculously. So our leftist friends could reasonably assume, from their media consumption,  that Trump is hopelessly scandal-ridden — certainly much more than Obama.

Given that the Russia story is a beat up because no evidence of anything significant has been put forward, on any fair and reasonable comparison the Obama administration was considerably more scandalous. Still, scandals usually take time to develop and come out.

Which neatly illustrates the main theme of this blog: the media are the problem, because they promote a PC fantasy world rather than reality.

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific