Sodom and Tomorrow

Sodom and Tomorrow, by Geoffrey Luck.

Nobody else volunteered, so let me be the one to bell the cat: The LGBTQIA people are not normal. So why should the vast bulk of the population be coerced into overturning the long-accepted idea of marriage to placate them? …

There can be no disputing that some, born as boys or girls, discover or develop unnatural impulses, abnormal characteristics that set them apart from the majority. Nor can it be denied that throughout history, communities shunned, shamed, pilloried and persecuted those minorities.

But in my lifetime, we have moved from police entrapment, assignations in public parks and lavatories, even murder, to understanding, tolerance and acceptance. This may not yet be complete throughout our society, but it is so in the legal domain … Demonstrative same-sex kissing, so blatantly favoured by ABC producers to illustrate any story on the marriage debate, is cringeworthy for many.

Those who squirm at such scenes try not to imagine the amorous performances of same-sex couples. The great majority turn their faces away from these unnatural sexual practices, in disdain if not disgust. Yet the normalised Australian population is asked to accept these manifestations of a “love” as supposedly equal to that of ordinary, standard, well-adjusted male-female attraction. And that as a result they should be entitled to appropriate the term ‘marriage’, traditionally accepted as denoting normal, natural relationships, with the ideal consequence for society of producing and nurturing children.

So, just who are these interlopers, and how many of them are there? The 2016 Census, found there were 9,148,218 married couples in Australia, 48% of the population over the age of 15. … The number of same-sex couples [from] the 2011 same-sex figures, made up from both de facto and declared ‘husband and wife’ show a total of 33,714 couples. This represents only 0.37% of the nine million couples in the country. …

Such a proportion immediately raises the question of how such a tiny minority could have produced such a powerful campaign for change. … Political progressives started with sex education. Fifty years ago, the idea of stealing teaching time to inform children about sex was just an idea. … This year the UK government has made sex education compulsory in all schools. It is now unquestioned throughout Australia. …

The campaign for same-sex marriage is not about equality, it is about envy and destruction, the creation of androgynous families. In every real sense, equality already exists; homosexuals are free to love, like anyone else. Extremist activists reveal in their own words, that the objective is to “transform the very fabric of society.” So the threat is not only, or mainly to the Christian churches; it is to society as a whole.

The clever fraud of ‘marriage equality’ and the organisation of the mob may be local, but the lead, and the political strategy come from America. The author of Queer in America, Michelangelo Signorile wrote that the fight for same-six marriage was to “debunk a myth and alter an archaic institution…the most subversive action lesbians and gay men can undertake…is to transform the notion of ‘family’ entirely.”

Should legislation redefine marriage, as the campaigners hope, there will be no end to the demands on society to pursue those ends. Schools will be the major target, and the intolerance, bigotry and refusal to allow free dissenting voices will increase. Anti-discrimination laws will be applied, paradoxically, to discriminate against critics. Already today, those who try to say that marriage should be, and always has been, about man, woman and children, are shouted down.

hat-tip Stephen Neil