Does the term ‘Far Right’ mean a return to the gas chambers?

Does the term ‘Far Right’ mean a return to the gas chambers? By Myles Harris.

As I understand it, ‘Far Right’ means Nazi. So why do the media, especially the BBC, refer to any party that opposes unlimited immigration as ‘Far Right’? Huge numbers of the German population voted for Alternative for Germany. Does this mean they were voting for the re-opening of the concentration camps, gas chambers, the looting and burning of Jewish shops, the invasion of Poland and Russia?

No. They were voting to limit immigration of economic refugees from the Middle East and Africa who have no reason to be in Germany. ….

However such is the grip of PC censorship that the term ‘Far Right’ is now used to describe anybody who is against mass migration.

Mass migration has little to do with accepting refugees who are fleeing death and persecution. It is a dream of bogus equality, a dream we saw on those eager European faces waving flags of welcome at German railway stations as nearly a million foreigners arrived in 2015. It is also a dream of the far left who see in refugees a hammer with which to smash our culture. …

Beware. If you offer to share your favourite toys with total strangers, soon they will want to take them off you. There will be fights on the nursery floor, more and more strangers on hearing about this fabulous capitalist nursery will start coming, until the floor is strewn with wrecked and splintered toys: The broken toys of law and order, free speech, prosperity, religious and sexual equality.

The Nazis were socialists, as well as nationalists. In the 1930s and 40s, it was widely understood they were of the left.

hat-tip Stephen Neil