Australian SSM: Where are the equality campaigners on liberty?

Australian SSM: Where are the equality campaigners on liberty? By Tim O’Hare. Control of language and virtue signaling are the hallmarks of the PC left, out in force in the debate over the definition of marriage.

My first concern is the groupthink of the same-sex marriage lobby. Since high school six years ago, the preferred term amongst my generation has gone from gay marriage, to same-sex marriage, to equal marriage to marriage equality. When I was in the Labor Party I can remember assertively declaring ‘I support gay marriage’ only to be shouted down by the left-faction who aggressively corrected ‘marriage equality.’

From the outset, support for same-sex marriage has never been enough as the dedicated activists within the broad coalition of supporters have constantly embraced new sub-causes for division as if to draw a hierarchy of virtue amongst the supporters. This is reflected in Equal Marriage Rights Australia having had a series of name changes throughout the years and the familiar abbreviation LGBT being constantly amended with new character additions (LGBTQIA+). Such regular changes do nothing to unite people behind a common cause and simply make those up to date on the latest preferred terms feel virtuous. …

The other concerning thing about the same-sex lobby is their close association with the Labor Party. As a former Labor Party member and campaigner for an Australian republic, I was taught to never conflate causes. Having subscribed to Equal Marriage Rights Australia (and its various precursors) for the last six or seven years, I have seen it, in recent years, become more nakedly partisan. From sharing anti-Trump memes to supporting the Safe Schools program to, perhaps in their peak aggressiveness, compared a ‘No Vote’ to racism. Equal Marriage Rights Australia behaves with the audacity of a Labor Party think-tank. …

The same-sex marriage lobby has a near religious zealotry for same-sex marriage and, should anyone even offer a contrary point of view (see Margaret Court or Israel Folau), they are greeted with abuse. In the eyes of these campaigners, opposing a change to the definition of marriage is unconscionable and bigoted. ‘Do you oppose inter-racial marriages too?’ goes the familiar call. Any perspective that this is the current law of the land and that support for keeping it was considered uncontroversial as recently as three years ago is lost on them.

It’s gone tribal. All the issues are merging. You are either in the PC camp, or not. The PC camp has most of the media, bureaucracy, politicians, academia, and corporate on board — but not the truth. The foundational PC beliefs are fantasies, “politically correct” rather than merely “correct.” Of course, the PC camp say truth doesn’t exist (and they’re mostly sure God doesn’t exist either).