The University of Sydney Markets Itself as a Purveyor of Ignorance

The University of Sydney Markets Itself as a Purveyor of Ignorance, by Steve Sailer in California.

The University of Sydney is a real college in Australia. And this is a real advertising campaign, not a parody of where academia is headed.

Let’s see what Sydney University thinks of unlearning when they realize they have to unlearn the carbon dioxide theory of global warming. Book coming soon. I’m a graduate of the University of Sydney, with a University Medal in Electrical Engineering and a prize for coming top of first year physics.

A commenter at Sailer’s:

“Unlearning” the propaganda we’re fed by the Establishment our entire lives is the very last thing the Establishment wants us ever to do … This particular campaign is self-consciously oh-so-clever by pretending to offer the exact opposite of what it’s actually offering.

Commenter LondonBob:

Reform of the university system should be priority number one for conservatives, churning out Maoist Red Guards at the moment.

Commenter gazzadelsud:

Well, they at least are honest. they teach unlearning western values, western culture and the graeco/roman/christian traditions that underpin western civilisation, property rights, etc etc.

Commenter neutral:

The following institutions are all liberal: government school education, mass media, mass entertainment, higher education, Silicon Valley social media companies. If all of these are liberal outlets and they are all pushing their narrative 24/7 that nobody can avoid, then one should ask where is this “unlearning” thought is coming from?