South Africa is now Zimbabwe on steroids

South Africa is now Zimbabwe on steroids, by Stephen Mulholland.

In the USA last year I was asked to describe South Africa in one sentence, my inquisitor being a curt Texan of few words.

My response was: “Zimbabwe in slow motion.”

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Today I would say it is Zimbabwe at a sprint. And leading us down the path to perdition is that well-known satyr, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, an incompetent, lecherous bungler who has single-handedly brought our nation’s currency to its knees and its economy stalled. …

Due to Zuma and his criminal accomplices we are now pariahs in international circles, reduced to hiding money in dubious Arab states, aided and abetted by the likes of Vladimir Putin who obviously seeks to rip more billions from us via nuclear deals in which the Zuma family and their partners in crime, The Guptas, will no doubt reap vast profits.

Zuma flits about the world in great luxury, playing the international statesman at the expense of the taxpayers, giggling inanely, appointing vast cabinets of cronies with a plethora of ministers, deputy ministers, special advisors, an army of security guards, fleets of luxury vehicles, luxurious homes and endless trips around the world accompanied by hordes of hangers on, usually including family members and friends of the family.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, as they say in Texas, unemployment is close to 30%, crime rates are soaring, health care is collapsing, education is crumbling and Zuma is giggling. And as he does so in his ignorant and arrogant manner. ,,,

God help us if Zuma or any his gang interacted with IMF or the World Bank. They are an innumerate mob of thieves which would rapidly become apparent to anyone of decent education and a career in international finance.

South African President Jacob Zuma

This mob increasingly resembles those whom London’s prestigious Financial Times last week accused of replicating “the looting and rent extraction that has ruined so many other African states.” And not only do Zuma’s gang of thieves look after themselves, they also share the spoils of state capture by bestowing gifts from the national treasury (the taxpayer’s money) on foreign money-grubbers such the shady Gupta gangsters and their criminal accomplices among whom they can count members of which we laughingly describe as a cabinet of ministers of state.

Meanwhile Zuma has the outrageous cheek to claim that: “It is the ANC that waged the war, together with the alliance, to fight corruption in South Africa. It has also gone further to establish institutions in government and it has arrested those who are corrupt. It is the only organisation and its government that has fought corruption,” he said.

hat-tip Stephen Neil